Flake8: Ignore specific warning for entire file


The Ignoring Errors docs currently list a way of ignoring a particular error for a particular line:

example = lambda: "example"  # noqa: E731

... and a way of ignoring all errors for an entire file:

# flake8: noqa

from foo import unused
x = 1+       2

... and a couple of ways, either through config or through command-line options, of disabling a particular error globally across an entire project.

But what if I want to ignore a particular error across the entirety of a single file - for instance, to disable warnings about unused imports in an __init__.py barrel file that just imports a bunch of classes so that code from other packages can import them from it in turn? The docs don"t seem to hint at any syntax for this. Is it possible?

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As of Flake8 3.7.0 you can do this using the --per-file-ignores option.

Command line example

flake8 --per-file-ignores="project/__init__.py:F401 setup.py:E121"

Or in your config file

per-file-ignores =

See the documentation here: http://flake8.pycqa.org/en/latest/user/options.html?highlight=per-file-ignores#cmdoption-flake8-per-file-ignores

It is not possible to place a noqa comment for specific codes at the top of a file like you can for individual lines. # flake8: noqa: F401 may at first appear to work, but it"s actually being detected as only # flake8: noqa, which means "ignore all messages in the file".