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Zoom will develop email and calendar apps

Meta has handed over the PyTorch framework to the Linux Foundation

South Korea fines Google and Meta billions of won for privacy violations

South Korea issues arrest warrant for cryptocurrency developer Terra and Luna

Unity has raised the price of subscriptions to Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise and Unity Industrial Collection

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CD Projekt Red released a free set of tools to create mods for Cyberpunk 2077

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Stallman has produced a guide to the GNU C Language and Extensions called the GNU C Language Intro and Reference Manual

Apple Watch Series 8: Body temperature sensor and car crash detection mode

The 8-core Ryzen 77700X beat the 12-core Core i7-12700K in a series of new tests

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Someone in Darknet sells exploit of zero-day vulnerability in iOS for 2.5 million euros

NASA chooses SiFive and RISC-V as the ecosystem for future space missions

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Google should be simpler: Pichai announced changes in the company's management

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Microsoft has launched a learning portal for Java developers

Hackers claimed to have hacked TikTok and WeChat

LG has implemented NFT technology in its smart TVs

New test build of Windows 11 adds Xbox subscription management to Microsoft account

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Insiders: the shape of the cutout in the iPhone 14 Pro user can change himself, try on the cutout is already possible on any iPhone

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Samsung reported a leak of user data from the U.S. after the hacking of the company's systems in July

Announced USB4 2.0 with up to 80 Gbps bandwidth

LG Electronics introduced the world's first bendable LG OLED Flex TV (model LX3)