Common xlabel/ylabel for matplotlib subplots


How to specify multiple return types using type-hints

Getting vertical gridlines to appear in line plot in matplotlib

Set Django"s FileField to an existing file

Cell-var-from-loop warning from Pylint


Manually add legend Items Python matplotlib

Why is parenthesis in print voluntary in Python 2.7?


Django Setup Default Logging

Pycharm and sys.argv arguments

How do I write a function that returns another function?

__file__ does not exist in Jupyter Notebook

Any gotchas using unicode_literals in Python 2.6?

Pycharm: run only part of my Python file

Base 62 conversion


Why does substring slicing with index out of range work?

Changing user agent on urllib2.urlopen

Default filter in Django admin

django template display item value or empty string


pip installation /usr/local/opt/python/bin/python2.7: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Python: using a recursive algorithm as a generator

Numpy: find index of the elements within range


Head and tail in one line

Pythonc way to combine two lists in an alternating fashion?

What are the different use cases of joblib versus pickle?

Python pathlib make directories if they don’t exist

src/lxml/etree_defs.h:9:31: fatal error: libxml/xmlversion.h: No such file or directory


How to create a nested list in reStructuredText?

imploding a list for use in a python MySQLDB IN clause


Python way to clone a git repository

What is the __dict__.__dict__ attribute of a Python class?

Using an SSH keyfile with Fabric


Method Resolution Order (MRO) in new-style classes?

How to install MySQLdb (Python data access library to MySQL) on Mac OS X?

List comprehension: Returning two (or more) items for each item

Convert Python dictionary to JSON array


Declare function at end of file in Python

Get class that defined method


Download and save PDF file with Python requests module

Permission denied when activating venv

How to mock a readonly property with mock?

JSON ValueError: Expecting property name: line 1 column 2 (char 1)

ImportError: No module named psycopg2

Ambiguity in Pandas Dataframe / Numpy Array "axis" definition

How can you determine a point is between two other points on a line segment?

How accurate is python"s time.sleep()?

Can sphinx link to documents that are not located in directories below the root document?


Is there a way to compile a python application into static binary?

What is the difference between "datetime.timedelta" and "dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta" when working only with days?

Joining pandas dataframes by column names

"x not in y" or "not x in y"


How do I get interactive plots again in Spyder/IPython/matplotlib?

Is there any difference between django.conf.settings and import settings?

How to convert a timezone aware string to datetime in Python without dateutil?

How do I use vi keys in ipython under *nix?

What does "while True" mean in Python?

How to convert Python"s .isoformat() string back into datetime object


Display rows with one or more NaN values in pandas dataframe

openpyxl - adjust column width size


Python, remove all non-alphabet chars from string

Any way to properly pretty-print ordered dictionaries?

What is the currently correct way to dynamically update plots in Jupyter/iPython?


Copy constructor in python?

How to print from Flask @app.route to python console

How can I check if code is executed in the IPython notebook?

data type not understood


Frequency table for a single variable

Flask at first run: Do not use the development server in a production environment

Seaborn - Why import as sns?

Integrating MySQL with Python in Windows

Python hashable dicts


How to add a custom CA Root certificate to the CA Store used by pip in Windows?

Python: fastest way to create a list of n lists


How to check whether optional function parameter is set

How to suppress or capture the output of

How do I sort unicode strings alphabetically in Python?


How can I use redis with Django?

Finding all possible permutations of a given string in python


Python string interning


Iterate over all pairs of consecutive items in a list

adding noise to a signal in python


How to create a Python decorator that can be used either with or without parameters?

When to use pip requirements file versus install_requires in

How can I read the contents of an URL with Python?

Pandas: how to change all the values of a column?

When do I need to use sqlalchemy back_populates?

Python not working in command prompt?

Good geometry library in python?


Django Rest Framework -- no module named rest_framework

Parse rfc3339 date strings in Python?


How to lowercase a pandas dataframe string column if it has missing values?

Django: Get an object form the DB, or "None" if nothing matches


How To Get IPython Notebook To Run Python 3?


Whats the difference between a module and a library in Python?

Is there an analysis speed or memory usage advantage to using HDF5 for large array storage (instead of flat binary files)?

How to convert defaultdict to dict?

Get filename from file pointer

How to split a list into pairs in all possible ways

Is there a WebSocket client implemented for Python?

How to find the cumulative sum of numbers in a list?

When is hash(n) == n in Python?

How to sort a Pandas DataFrame by index?

Elegant way to check if a nested key exists in a dict?

What is the most pythonic way to pop a random element from a list?

SQLAlchemy equivalent to SQL "LIKE" statement

Link to class method in python docstring

Where do I find the bashrc file on Mac?


What is the advantage of using static methods?

Django rest framework serializing many to many field

What is a good way to handle exceptions when trying to read a file in python?


split string in to 2 based on last occurrence of a separator


Python argparse: Make at least one argument required

How should I organize Python source code?


Can"t create a docker image for COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder error

What"s the difference between str.isdigit, isnumeric and isdecimal in python?


Passing a list of kwargs?

How to completely remove Python from a Windows machine?

Dump to JSON adds additional double quotes and escaping of quotes


Check if object is file-like in Python


Sklearn, gridsearch: how to print out progress during the execution?


Type hinting / annotation (PEP 484) for numpy.ndarray

Most lightweight way to create a random string and a random hexadecimal number

Quicksort with Python

How to handle both 'with open(...)' and 'sys.stdout' nicely?

Elegant setup of Python logging in Django

Writing a dictionary to a csv file with one line for every "key: value"

TensorFlow saving into/loading a graph from a file

ValueError: unsupported pickle protocol: 3, python2 pickle can not load the file dumped by python 3 pickle?

Why does Python use "magic methods"?


Disable all Pylint warnings for a file


Capture stdout from a script?

Split into several files

What are "soft keywords"?

How do I iterate through the alphabet?

How to expire session due to inactivity in Django?

How to plot two columns of a pandas data frame using points

How do I wrap a string in a file in Python?

Multiple Models in a single django ModelForm?


Does Flask support regular expressions in its URL routing?


How to print a single backslash?

How to print a list in Python "nicely"

Python: Append item to list N times

Django upgrading to 1.9 error "AppRegistryNotReady: Apps aren"t loaded yet."


How do I clear all variables in the middle of a Python script?


How do I test if int value exists in Python Enum without using try/catch?

Destructuring-bind dictionary contents

SyntaxError of Non-ASCII character


Get pixel"s RGB using PIL

Pytesseract : "TesseractNotFound Error: tesseract is not installed or it"s not in your path", how do I fix this?

How do I use Django templates without the rest of Django?


Sample datasets in Pandas

matplotlib colorbar for scatter


how to install python distutils

How to create a user in Django?

In Python, can I call the main() of an imported module?

Pipe subprocess standard output to a variable


Python: How to create a unique file name?

How can I get the current language in Django?

How can I copy a Python string?

OperationalError: database is locked


CORS error on same domain?


How to implement the --verbose or -v option into a script?

Display string multiple times

Is there a clever way to pass the key to defaultdict"s default_factory?

How to convert a file into a dictionary?

Is there a visual profiler for Python?


Platform independent path concatenation using "/" , ""?

Best way to find the months between two dates

How to assign to repeated field?

How can I use a pip requirements file to uninstall as well as install packages?

How can you print a variable name in python?

python selenium click on button

Sharing a result queue among several processes

Django Model Field Default Based Off Another Field in Same Model


Conditional operator in Python?

ImportError: No module named site on Windows

Construct pandas DataFrame from items in nested dictionary

How to save all the variables in the current python session?


Bitwise operation and usage

How to change fonts in matplotlib (python)?

Does Python have a stack/heap and how is memory managed?


Using List/Tuple/etc. from typing vs directly referring type as list/tuple/etc

Assert that a method was called in a Python unit test

How do I convert a list into a string with spaces in Python?


'if __name__ == "__main__"' equivalent in Ruby

How do you determine which backend is being used by matplotlib?


how to split an iterable in constant-size chunks

Shuffle two list at once with same order


Disable console messages in Flask server

How to concatenate two layers in keras?


Sort tuples based on second parameter


What are the risks of running "sudo pip"?


How to apply a logical operator to all elements in a python list

Pandas: filling missing values by mean in each group


Importing a long list of constants to a Python file

How can I do DNS lookups in Python, including referring to /etc/hosts?


in Ipython notebook / Jupyter, Pandas is not displaying the graph I try to plot


Custom Python list sorting


Pairs from single list

How do I get rid of the b-prefix in a string in python?

method of iterating over sqlalchemy model"s defined columns?

Solve Cross Origin Resource Sharing with Flask


Heatmap in matplotlib with pcolor?


Save list of DataFrames to multisheet Excel spreadsheet

How to upgrade pip3?

Inherit docstrings in Python class inheritance

Find the maximum value in a list of tuples in Python

How to read one single line of csv data in Python?


Using the same option multiple times in Python"s argparse

many-to-many in list display django

Why doesn"t requests.get() return? What is the default timeout that requests.get() uses?

How to import a text file on AWS S3 into pandas without writing to disk

Send data from a textbox into Flask?

How to import data from mongodb to pandas?


Can I remove script tags with BeautifulSoup?

AttributeError: "module" object has no attribute "tests"

What is Python used for?


float64 with pandas to_csv


Is it ok having both Anacondas 2.7 and 3.5 installed in the same time?

Splitting dataframe into multiple dataframes

Getting name of windows computer running python script?

Link to Flask static files with url_for

How to send requests with JSON in unit tests

How to create python bytes object from long hex string?

Get the latest record with filter in Django

How to load a model from an HDF5 file in Keras?


Apply function to each element of a list

Pandas Groupby Range of Values


Convert number strings with commas in pandas DataFrame to float

How do I create a new column from the output of pandas groupby().sum()?

How do I run a Python program?

How to install PIP on Python 3.6?


Conda command not found

How can I dynamically create derived classes from a base class

Apply function to each cell in DataFrame


How to extend a class in python?


How to get attribute of element from Selenium?

How to use PyCharm to debug Scrapy projects

How can I increment a char?

How to make the python interpreter correctly handle non-ASCII characters in string operations?


Call Python script from bash with argument

Decreasing for loops in Python impossible?


What is the equivalent of MATLAB"s repmat in NumPy

What are the "levels", "keys", and names arguments for in Pandas" concat function?

Batch Renaming of Files in a Directory


Which parameters should be used for early stopping?

Will OrderedDict become redundant in Python 3.7?

Authentication plugin "caching_sha2_password" is not supported

Easy pretty printing of floats in python?

Python pickle error: UnicodeDecodeError


What"s the difference between 'from django.conf import settings' and 'import settings' in a Django project

How to use dot notation for dict in python?


Negative list index?


Input and output numpy arrays to h5py

Find oldest/youngest datetime object in a list

Convert List to Pandas Dataframe Column

How to tell py.test to skip certain directories?

How to redirect output with subprocess in Python?

Shift column in pandas dataframe up by one?

How to dynamically update a plot in a loop in Ipython notebook (within one cell)

How to "properly" print a list?

Kill process by name?

Plotting categorical data with pandas and matplotlib


convert nan value to zero


How to remove all rows in a numpy.ndarray that contain non-numeric values

Counting the number of non-NaN elements in a numpy ndarray in Python

How to store and retrieve a dictionary with redis

Calculate Time Difference Between Two Pandas Columns in Hours and Minutes

Pandas split DataFrame by column value


matplotlib taking time when being imported

Python Django Rest Framework UnorderedObjectListWarning

Why does random.shuffle return None?

How to apply gradient clipping in TensorFlow?

Comparing two dataframes and getting the differences


In Python list comprehension is it possible to access the item index?

Python split() without removing the delimiter

UnicodeEncodeError: "latin-1" codec can"t encode character

Importing .py files in Google Colab

Replacing few values in a pandas dataframe column with another value

Pandas: create two new columns in a dataframe with values calculated from a pre-existing column

Python strip with

How do I close a tkinter window?

Get an attribute value based on the name attribute with BeautifulSoup

How to generate keyboard events?

Debugging (displaying) SQL command sent to the db by SQLAlchemy

Python module with a dash, or hyphen (-) in its name

How can I set the "backend" in matplotlib in Python?

Adding meta-information/metadata to pandas DataFrame

Compare if two variables reference the same object in python

Why does sys.exit() not exit when called inside a thread in Python?

looping over all member variables of a class in python

Python os.path.join on Windows

Is there a difference between "raise exception()" and "raise exception" without parenthesis?

Dynamically set local variable

How to set adaptive learning rate for GradientDescentOptimizer?

Why #egg=foo when pip-installing from git repo


Can Keras with Tensorflow backend be forced to use CPU or GPU at will?

Complexity of *in* operator in Python

Python CSV error: line contains NULL byte


How can I strip the whitespace from Pandas DataFrame headers?

How can I set up a virtual environment for Python in Visual Studio Code?

What is the difference between pandas.qcut and pandas.cut? shows full graph but savefig is cropping the image


How to set target hosts in Fabric file


Switch between two frames in tkinter

Stratified Train/Test-split in scikit-learn


Regular Expressions: Search in list


How to calculate probability in a normal distribution given mean & standard deviation?

enumerate() for dictionary in python

Get date from week number

Most efficient way to find mode in numpy array

What is the difference between using loc and using just square brackets to filter for columns in Pandas/Python?

How can I find the union of two Django querysets?


How to execute ipdb.set_trace() at will while running pytest tests


How can you get the SSH return code using Paramiko?


URL-parameters and logic in Django class-based views (TemplateView)


Flake8: Ignore specific warning for entire file

Inheritance and init method in Python

Does Python optimize away a variable that"s only used as a return value?

In python, how do I cast a class object to a dict


Python pandas: Keep selected column as DataFrame instead of Series

pydot and graphviz error: Couldn"t import dot_parser, loading of dot files will not be possible


Python str vs unicode types

DateTimeField doesn"t show in admin system

String concatenation of two pandas columns


Python Pandas : group by in group by and average?

Request UAC elevation from within a Python script?

Loop through list with both content and index


Best way to make Django"s login_required the default

How I can I lazily read multiple JSON values from a file/stream in Python?

how to "reimport" module to python then code be changed after import

Why does Popen.communicate() return b"hi " instead of "hi"?


What is the proper way to determine if an object is a bytes-like object in Python?

Django class-based view: How do I pass additional parameters to the as_view method?

Finding last occurrence of substring in string, replacing that

Add Text on Image using PIL

Installing Numpy on 64bit Windows 7 with Python 2.7.3

Detect & Record Audio in Python

TypeError: only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index with 1D numpy indices array


Updating Python on Mac


bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found

Assert that a method was called with one argument out of several

python BeautifulSoup parsing table


What does hash do in python?


How to check task status in Celery?

filter items in a python dictionary where keys contain a specific string


How to use variables in SQL statement in Python?


Explain the "setUp" and "tearDown" Python methods used in test cases


Download Returned Zip file from URL


UnicodeDecodeError: "ascii" codec can"t decode byte 0xef in position 1

No module named setuptools

Check if file is symlink in python

What"s the difference of ContentType and MimeType

Why can"t I call read() twice on an open file?

How to enable a virtualenv in a systemd service unit?


Using python "with" statement with try-except block


How to maximize a window using Python

How do I multiply each element in a list by a number?


Matplotlib figure facecolor (background color)


How do I add custom field to Python log format string?

What"s the point of Django"s collectstatic?


I need to securely store a username and password in Python, what are my options?


Javascript Error: IPython is not defined in JupyterLab

Two way/reverse map

Abstract attributes in Python

Deleting multiple columns based on column names in Pandas

How do I add a path to PYTHONPATH in virtualenv


How to manually install a pypi module without pip/easy_install?

Bypass confirmation prompt for pip uninstall

Does Python have a toString() equivalent, and can I convert a db.Model element to String?

How do I pipe a subprocess call to a text file?

Salt and hash a password in Python

Python vs Bash - In which kind of tasks each one outruns the other performance-wise?

Resource u"tokenizers/punkt/english.pickle" not found


Python 3 Online Interpreter / Shell


How do I specify a single test in a file with nosetests?

Convert pandas Series to DataFrame

Is it possible for a unit test to assert that a method calls sys.exit()?

Returning boolean if set is empty

Default value for field in Django model


Install only available packages using "conda install --yes --file requirements.txt" without error

Why do I get TypeError: can"t multiply sequence by non-int of type "float"?

Getting "Could not find function xmlCheckVersion in library libxml2. Is libxml2 installed?" when installing lxml through pip


Python super() raises TypeError

Cancel an already executing task with Celery?

Converting Django QuerySet to pandas DataFrame

__lt__ instead of __cmp__

Find integer index of rows with NaN in pandas dataframe


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named "distutils.core"

Python: Get the first character of the first string in a list?

Pip install Matplotlib error with virtualenv

Random strings in Python

How to get text with Selenium WebDriver in Python

How to convert webpage into PDF by using Python

Get row-index values of Pandas DataFrame as list?

Plot different DataFrames in the same figure


Associativity of "in" in Python?

return string with first match Regex


How to convert IPython notebooks to PDF and HTML?

How to resolve "dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path.." error


Save multiple plots in a single PDF file


Spark DataFrame groupBy and sort in the descending order (pyspark)

Django - "no module named"


Line continuation for list comprehensions or generator expressions in python


Multiple columns index when using the declarative ORM extension of sqlalchemy


Why does Pylint object to single-character variable names?

ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Converting a RGB color tuple to a six digit code

How can I distribute python programs?

How to check if a python module has been imported?


googletrans stopped working with error "NoneType" object has no attribute "group"

Custom sorting in pandas dataframe

Python threading.timer - repeat function every "n" seconds


What exactly does numpy.exp() do?

What is the purpose of python"s inner classes?

python pandas dataframe, is it pass-by-value or pass-by-reference

Can modules have properties the same way that objects can?

How to determine whether a column/variable is numeric or not in Pandas/NumPy?


Python: reload component Y imported with "from X import Y"?

How can I add items to an empty set in python


Subclass in type hinting


Python datetime formatting without zero-padding

Argmax of numpy array returning non-flat indices


Plotting a fast Fourier transform in Python

Python: importing a sub‚Äëpackage or sub‚Äëmodule

Annotate bars with values on Pandas bar plots

Java: Equivalent of Python"s range(int, int)?


Exif manipulation library for python

Copy multiple files in Python


Why does 'True == False is False' evaluate to False?


Does Python support multithreading? Can it speed up execution time?


Do regular expressions from the re module support word boundaries ()?

Where is my Django installation?

Combine --user with --prefix error with install

How do I get the filepath for a class in Python?

Is there an equivalent to CTRL+C in IPython Notebook in Firefox to break cells that are running?


How do I calculate r-squared using Python and Numpy?

Matplotlib Legends not working


Python check if isinstance any type in list?

pandas read_csv and filter columns with usecols


Securely storing environment variables in GAE with app.yaml


Why is an MD5 hash created by Python different from one created using echo and md5sum in the shell?

Get __name__ of calling function"s module in Python

Filter by property

How do I manipulate a variable whose name conflicts with PDB commands?


Zip with list output instead of tuple

How to set up a PostgreSQL database in Django

Local variables in nested functions

What does [:] mean?

plot different color for different categorical levels using matplotlib


Why did pip upgrade from version 10 to version 18?

In List of Dicts, find min() value of a common Dict field

How to get Python requests to trust a self signed SSL certificate?


Most efficient way of making an if-elif-elif-else statement when the else is done the most?

Python memoising/deferred lookup property decorator

Does Python have an immutable list?

How exactly does a generator comprehension work?

Should __ne__ be implemented as the negation of __eq__?

Python: get a frequency count based on two columns (variables) in pandas dataframe some row appers

Unresolved Import Issues with PyDev and Eclipse

selecting from multi-index pandas

Matplotlib discrete colorbar

What does pythonic mean?


Python constructors and __init__

Foreign key from one app into another in Django

Why do I get a SyntaxError for a Unicode escape in my file path?


Assigning a variable NaN in python without numpy

Numpy index slice without losing dimension information


Analyze audio using Fast Fourier Transform

How to know function return type and argument types?

Compiling Python to WebAssembly

Why does csvwriter.writerow() put a comma after each character?


Connecting to Microsoft SQL server using Python

How to convert CSV file to multiline JSON?

Is there any way to show the dependency trees for pip packages?

Play a Sound with Python


How to set environment variables in PyCharm?

python: get directory two levels up

What is this odd colon behavior doing?

IndexError: tuple index out of range when using py2exe

Is there a way to get the current ref count of an object in Python?

How do I remove whitespace from the end of a string in Python?


How to convert int to Enum in python?


Getting the return value of Javascript code in Selenium

How to pass dictionary items as function arguments in python?

List to array conversion to use ravel() function

asyncio.ensure_future vs. BaseEventLoop.create_task vs. simple coroutine?

Identify groups of continuous numbers in a list


Is there a more elegant way to express ((x == a and y == b) or (x == b and y == a))?


Android Python Programming


Why is f"{{{74}}}" the same as f"{{74}}" with f-Strings?


Python: try statement in a single line

Python"s many ways of string formatting — are the older ones (going to be) deprecated?

Deep-Learning Nan loss reasons

pandas how to check dtype for all columns in a dataframe?


Passing an integer by reference in Python


Problems with pip install numpy - RuntimeError: Broken toolchain: cannot link a simple C program

Difference between open and in Python

Get folder name of the file in Python


String slugification in Python

Django TemplateSyntaxError - "staticfiles" is not a registered tag library

python location on mac osx


How to round the minute of a datetime object

Why do tuples take less space in memory than lists?

Can existing virtualenv be upgraded gracefully?

How do I go straight to template, in Django"s

Capture keyboardinterrupt in Python without try-except


Login credentials not working with Gmail SMTP

What"s the difference between MySQLdb, mysqlclient and MySQL connector/Python?

Reload Flask app when template file changes

Pandas read_xml() method test strategies

Python class definition syntax

month name to month number and vice versa in python