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Xiaomi may be the first in the “race” for the release of electric vehicles

Xiaomi has confirmed its commitment to enter the electric vehicle market as early as 2024

The company announced its transition to car production in 2021, but there were concerns about just a three-year time limit for completing the so-called Xiaomi Car project. However, in 2022, Xiaomi said that the projected release date of 2024 remains accurate, adding that more than 1,000 people are currently working on the rapid development of an electric vehicle.

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According to GizChina, Xiaomi is also on track to unveil its prototype car in the third quarter of 2022 - meaning we could see it in the flesh soon - after the company's Beijing-based CEO announced a "breakthrough" in its development. .

Naturally, no specific details about Xiaomi Car are known at this stage. According to GizChina, the company has hinted that the car will be priced between 100,000 and 300,000 Chinese yuan (about $16,000-47,000) and hinted that it could be an SUV - but neither should be taken as true. until official confirmation.

Xiaomi isn't the only tech company looking to get into the car business, though its ambitious target of 2024 could mean Xiaomi Car will be the first car of its kind to hit the road.

Electric car from Apple

Consider the Apple Car project (codenamed Project Titan), which appears to be dormant as it undergoes a mode change. Apple insiders recently revealed that the company has set an internal goal of producing its coveted car by 2025, but a revolving door of employees working on its development appears to be hindering progress.

For example, former Apple Car software manager Joe Bass was lured away to Silicon Valley rival Meta earlier in the year, and Apple has since hired former Tesla chief Christopher Moore to promote a potentially autonomous car.

In any case, Apple's internal plan for 2025 remains ambitious, with seasoned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo saying a launch in 2028 (or later) is more likely given the ongoing stalemate in partnership talks (which you can read about here) .

Sony car

There is information in the public domain that Sony is also developing its own EV. At CES 2021, the gaming giant lifted the veil on the Vision-S 01 sedan, followed 12 months later by the Vision-S 02 SUV. The company even brought in Honda to build its EVs - but again, the first consumer vehicle isn't expected until 2025.

As such, it's likely that Xiaomi's electric car could be the first successful four-wheel project from a tech brand-turned-automaker, especially considering the company continues to believe in a 2024 launch.

Unfair comparison (conclusion)

Of course, the types of cars being developed by Xiaomi, Sony, and Apple are quite different, so praising the former for its faster development pace is somewhat unfair.

From what we know at the moment, Xiaomi Car will enter the market as a relatively affordable battery-powered vehicle, the likes of which we have seen in China for a long time. The novelty, of course, will be that it will be released by Xiaomi - but that doesn't look like it's going to rock the boat in terms of the industry.

However, the Apple Car is a completely different beast. Of course, like the Xiaomi Car, it will be electric, but from the reports we've heard over the past year, Apple is also hoping its debut car will be fully autonomous.

This means that, by necessity, the development of the Apple Car is slower than the Xiaomi counterpart, as the two mobile giants offer two completely different products for road driving (we don't even know if the Apple Car will have four wheels…) .

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]


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