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Why Minecraft is polular: creative freedom and development

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The article tells the story:

  • The story of the creation of the game of Minecraft
  • 5 Reasons not to scold a child for playing Meincraft
  • Game Modes of Minecraft
  • What does it look like to play a game of Minecraft?

The essence of Minecraft is its limitless possibilities. It's a huge sandbox in which you can do absolutely anything: survive, build huge castles and complex mechanisms, and even program. This is exactly how the game was meant to be played. There are no scary scenes, mindless shooting and other negativity inherent in modern games.

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Parents often scold children for sitting too long in front of their computers, tablets and phones. Of course, time with gadgets should be limited, and some games should be banned. But not Minecraft. On why it can be useful for your child, and what is it, you learn from our material.

The history of the Minecraft game

Today, Minecraft is known all over the world. The game has acquired a huge number of related products, which brought the creators of fabulous profits and millions of copies. Not every gaming product in the world today achieves such spectacular success.

История создания игры Майнкрафт

But every computer game starts with a small project, and Minecraft is no exception.

Developer Markus Persson (better known as Notch) became interested in programming and making games as a child. He made his first own game at the age of 9. Though he would create his main project much later.
Up to that moment he had been interested in various "god simulators" and classic RPG-games. These are the reasons that led the future billionaire to create Minecraft, a veritable virtual adventure that incorporated elements of all the games Persson loved. The project was first called Cave Game, then it was renamed Minecraft.

But in 2009 the game was rather crude with a lot of bugs in code. This did not prevent the project to gather a whole community of fans. What is the essence of Minecraft, so quickly gained such popularity from the first versions? First of all, the game is a boundless "sandbox", allowing you to create almost any object. Analogues to this concept did not exist at the time.

The gameplay process consists of surviving in an environment created by the players. It is constantly necessary to defend or hide from external threats penetrating into the virtual world.

The project is notable for its independent promotion of the developers themselves, without the involvement of publishers. And the popularity of Minecraft provides "word of mouth. The game was mentioned literally everywhere on the Internet, but there was no official advertising. This did not prevent the game from becoming a true cult hit among gamers.

Markus Persson himself once decided to step away from game development within King, where he was listed as a programmer, and focus on working in his own studio, Mojang AB. Minecraft has continually evolved and is still evolving today. The current development team releases new versions of the game, fixes bugs and adds new elements. Modifications are also created by the fans themselves.

5 reasons not to scold a child for playing Minecraft

There is a tendency that parents for the most part forbid their children to play computer games for a long time. But today there are game projects that allow children to learn and self-development. And Mojang project, in the context of its Minecraft product, pursues this very goal, giving players objective knowledge in addition to entertainment. The company demonstrates the entry of the learning process to a new level.

Following this principle, the creators of the project have developed a special educational version of Minecraft, suitable even for implementation in schools. What is useful in this game for children? Let's try to figure it out.

1. Learning basic programming skills

Gameplay in Mainecraft is implemented through the operation of so-called circuit boards (Redstone Circuit). These objects allow you to understand the principle of electricity in the form of a game, the technology of building basic mechanisms. The child learns to automate many of the game's tasks in order to facilitate certain actions. In the universe of Minecraft, it is possible, for example, to set the lights in one's own home to turn on automatically, to make doors open when a character is in front of them, and to create many different systems and traps.

In general, children learn how to formulate complex calculations to produce certain results and develop their creativity. All these skills are needed to become a programmer.

2. Helping them learn about the real world

Although Minecraft is just a game, it makes a lot of use of the laws of the real world. It teaches children to properly navigate the real world and develop their curiosity.

Помощь в познании реального мира

For example, the skill of taking into account the distance between objects is well instilled in Minecraft. Players navigate the virtual world using special markers. In real life, this experience will prevent a child from getting lost in the woods, for example.

Calculating the distance between a dwelling and a resource deposit will help determine the amount of material needed to build a bridge or tunnel to that deposit.

3. Planning Instruction

Playing in Minecraft involves making a plan of action. A player must know in advance what he will build and in what order. The same principles apply in real life - to achieve your goals, we also have to plan our actions.

Here, for example, this is expressed by the need to create a complex plan before building a house. A child learns to do all kinds of calculations, draw a diagram of the building, calculate the area of the allotted space, etc.

To make it more difficult, you could, for example, limit the time a child has to play. In this case, he will have to plan ahead for mining, building houses, hunting. All of these skills will undoubtedly be useful in real life.

4. Learning coping skills

Solving the current problems of the virtual world is the essence of Minecraft. The player is forced to constantly confront various mishaps. And to solve these problems must be in the absence of any hints. In the playing space child must cope with a lack of food, counteract the attacks of dangerous creatures, quickly seek shelter.

But even if you manage to arrange a home, there is always the risk that the house will be destroyed by some monster. So the player should also think about building effective traps for aggressive creatures.

These are just some of the possible problems that the young player will have to face. The child will be forced to solve a huge number of problems, develop new ideas.

5. Developing mathematical skills

The game allows you to learn to do all the calculations in mind. This item is very important for children who have problems with arithmetic. And in Minecraft, this learning is done in a fun form of play that's sure to appeal to the child.

The entire universe of the game can be divided into blocks - earth, water and sand. To build the various objects, you need to calculate the materials required (blocks of sand to build a dwelling, blocks of water to fill a swimming pool and so on).

The player will also have to do mathematical calculations when creating Redstone's circuit boards. For example, a mechanism may need to be made to repeat certain operations with a specified delay. To do this, the game needs a special gadget that allows for delayed mechanism launching with a 0.4 second delay. How many such gadgets will be needed to achieve the required delay time? It is up to the player to determine this parameter.

Of course, this is only a small fraction of the useful skills that are provided by Minecraft for children. The inner world of the game is much more complex and varied, and in addition to mathematics, knowledge of chemistry and physics will be required.

Minecraft game regimes

Today, Minecraft comes in four editions, one of which is completely free - Creative. The other three modes are developed on a paid basis: Adventure, Survival and Hardcore. The functionality of each version is described below.


Creative mode is primarily characterized by its free-of-charge nature. There is no need to purchase a paid license. Access to the game is available through a premium game account and online directly in the browser. In the latter case, an older version of the game is implemented. This edition gives the player complete freedom of action and unlimited access to resources ("crafting"). Children can build anything they want without restriction, enjoying the results and without fear of being killed. "Creative" mode has no logical end.

Режимы игры Майнкрафт

There are no enemies and you don't have to fight for resources like in the next mode. The character's abilities are also limitless - he can fly and destroy almost any block.


In this mode the player faces certain difficulties. Expanding the boundaries of his territory, the character is forced to solve difficult tasks. Just like in the "creative" version, here you have to do construction, but you also have to survive under the onslaught of various problems and threats. Enemy forces become more active at night. The day, on the other hand, is relatively calm, lasting 10 minutes in the game.

Performing various actions, the player earns points and collects materials needed to defend against the enemies. The character here is already vulnerable to falling from great heights and being in deep water. Accordingly, he can die in these cases. Death means a return to the very beginning of the game - awakening the character from sleep in his or her own bed.

Survival mode has two scales - health and hunger. Each item can be constructed by mining the necessary blocks. In addition, in the latest modification to Survival mode you can also be attacked by zombies.


This mode is generally similar to the previous one. It differs with one life only - after the death the character disappears from the game completely. Also player cannot change the difficulty level. And the updated hardcore mode adds zombies capable of breaking wooden doors and picking up the character's belongings. Another feature of the version is the ability to choose a combined Hardcore Creative or Hardcore Adventure mode.


This is a new edition of Minecraft that appeared in version 1.3.1. The distinguishing feature of the "adventure" mode can be seen as the need to use tools to destroy blocks. In addition, some blocks are not available at all.

What does the gameplay of Minecraft look like

The game stands out for its lightweight hardware, despite the fact that it is fully three-dimensional. With as little as 200MB of free space on your hard drive, Minecraft will run reliably on any PC or notebook.

It's a game that will appeal to all levels of gamers. Its style is closer to the RPG. Each character has a level of health and protection. Causing damage to the player immediately affects the life indicators. Dying as a result of a fall from a great height brings the character back to the place where he first appeared in the game.

All collected resources are reset. If a character dies near the 'resurrection' point, it is possible to try to reach the place of death and collect the lost materials again. Any items lost by the player remain untouched for five minutes. Then they are lost.

In general, the game allows you to create items that will later affect the character's life level. This includes building a house, making tools, creating a farm, and mining. Finally, the child here learns to automate many routine processes.

The course of the game in general is allowed never to leave the confines of the house. The player learns the virtual world only being under the power of curiosity and thirst for adventure. Game situations constantly force the child to solve problems and gain useful experience. For example, there is a mysterious cave near the character's house. Going there without preparation is clearly dangerous.

But the curious player can light the way with torches, and his curiosity will be rewarded with a new location to store resources. And by destroying the enemy in this cave, the character will receive valuable items and materials. It's also a great place to mine for minerals.

Как выглядит процесс игры в Майнкрафт

Minecraft supports multiplayer mode, allowing your child to compete with their friends. For this, only the amateur servers are used. Multiplayer has a number of advantages: the possibility of team exploration of difficult spaces and coordinated battle with enemies, the presence of competitive spirit, the ability to break away from the game for a while (the game world in this case will continue to develop other participants).

Once you understand what the essence of Minecraft, you will be more willing to let your children develop in this way. The game is really beneficial for the development of a child's thinking and creativity. Even Hugh Jackman, known for his role as Wolverine, doesn't shy away from playing Minecraft with his daughter. Maybe this game will become a new hobby for you too!


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