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What does “& lt ;? = “Short open tag in PHP?

In PHP, whenever it reads a PHP document, it looks for: It only handles codes between the above tags and leaves other codes around them.For example: echo "Hello PHP!" ; ?> Exit:
Hello PHP!
Note : But in a special case when you are writing a PHP file, the end tag can be omitted. Only the start tag is required.The code below also works fine: echo "Hello PHP!" ; Exit:
Hello PHP!
The < =tag is called the short open tagin PHP. To use short tags, you must enable it in the PHP.ini file settings.First, make sure short tags are not disabled. To check this, go to your php.ini file On line 77.
(location on Linux systems: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini)Find the line below in the file and add (On) instead of (Off) :
short_open_tag = On
However, since PHP 5.4.0, short tags are available for use regardless of settings in the PHP.ini file.The two examples below produce the same output with and without short open tags. Example 1: Normal path. < tbody> $username = "GeeksforGeeks" ; echo "$username" ; ?> Exit:
GeeksforGeeks  Example 2:Shortcut.       $username  =  " GeeksforGeeks " ; ?>    $username ?>  Exit:
GeeksforGeeks  As you can see, both of the above codes give us the same output. So, using short tags, we told the php interpreter that:
can be viewed in the same way as
The above example can be further modified as follows: $username = "GeeksforGeeks" ; ?> Exit:


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