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What does $$ (dollar dollar or double dollar) mean in PHP?

$X (one dollar) - it is a regular variable named x, whichstores any value, such as a string, integer, floating point, etc. $$x (double dollar) - it is a reference variable that stores a value that can be accessed by using the $symbol in front of the $x value. 
From the picture below, it is easy to see that:
  • $x stores the value of "Geeks" of type String.
  • The $$x reference variable now stores the value "For engineer" of type String.
Thus, the value "for engineer" can be obtained in two ways, which are listed below:
  • Using the link directly. Example:echo $$x;
  • Using the value stored in the $x variable as the variable name to access the value "for Geeks". Example: echo $Geeks; which will give output as "geek" (no quotes).
Examples :
Input: $x = "Geeks"; $$x = for Geeks; echo "$x"; echo "$$x;"; echo $Geeks; Output: Geeks for Geeks for Geeks Input: $x = "Rajnish"; $$x = "Noida"; echo "$x lives in". $Rajnish; Output: Rajnish lives in Noida 
Below are examples of $and $$in PHP:Example-1:

// Declare a variable and initialize it $x = " Geeks " ;  
// Reference variable $ $x = " GeeksforGeeks " ;  
// Display the x value echo $x . "" ;  
// Display the value $$x ($Geeks) echo $ $x . "" ;  
// Display the $Geeks value echo "$Geeks" ;  
Geeks GeeksforGeeks GeeksforGeeks 
Example 2:  
// Declare a variable and initialize it $var = " Geeks " ;  
// Reference variable ${ $var } = "GeeksforGeeks" ;  
// Using the double link variable ${${ $var }} = "computer science" ;  
// Show variable value echo $var . "" ; echo $Geeks . "" ; echo $GeeksforGeeks . "" ;  
// Double link echo ${${ $var }}. "" ;  
Geeks GeeksforGeeks computer science computer science 


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