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What are the differences and similarities between Lumen and Laravelle?

Lumen:is a micro-framework created by Taylor Otwell, Lumen - it is a lighter, smaller, faster and more compact web application platform. The Lumen Framework is faster and lighter than Laravel and has a huge community. It just has fewer settings and different parameters. 
Laravel:This is a web application framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, and like all other modern frameworks, it also follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel values ​​elegance, simplicity, and readability, and when it comes to building applications with PHP frameworks, Laravel is second to none.Similarities between Laravel and Lumen: Laravel Lumen Laravel was licensed under MIT license. Lumen was also licensed under MIT license. Laravel used it’s own syntaxes. Lumen used the Laravels’s syntaxes and easily can be upgraded into laravel. < / tr> Laravel supported the third party tools. Lumen also supported third party tools but in lesser amount. Laravel is developed by Taylor Otwell. Lumen is also developed by Taylor Otwell. Differences between Laravel and Lumen: Laravel Lumen Laravel has a good documentation to work on and kick-off a new project. Lumen ha no clear documentation but easy to use compare to Laravel. Laravel is an MVC based full-stack web application framework which supports a lot of third-party tools like Spatie , Entrust, Socialiteetc and frameworks. Lumen is a micro framework, used to develop micro-services and API development in high speed and less time. Laravel perfomance is very good with the SQL queries compare to Lumen. It can easily tuming there database from application level Lumen declines the SQL queries cant perform tuining on databases, less featured comapre to Laravel. Laravel is better for building RESTful APIs. Lumen is better for building high perfoming micro framework API. Laravel can handle event queuing and has a powerdul template. Lumen can’t handle the event queuing and don’t have any powerfull template either. Laravel has Symfony framework that can be used to create Symfony components. Lumen don’t have Symfony framework so can’t create Symfony components. Laravel has its own command line interface. Lumen is a feature-rich micro framework. Conclusion:Both Laravel and Lumen work well in modern mobile web applications. Laravel is preferred due to its large community, and if you want to build RESTfull APIs, Laravel is more efficient.


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