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Veracity of Big Data

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Topics on Big Data are growing rapidly. From the first 3 V’s that originally characterized Big Data, the industry now has identified 42 V’s associated with Big Data. The list of how we characterize Big Data and what we can do with it will only grow with time. Veracity is often referred to as the 4th V of Big Data. The fact that it is the first V after the notion of Big Data emerged indicates how significant the topic of Veracity is to the evolution of Big Data. Indeed, the quality of data is fundamental to its use. We may build many advanced tools to harness Big Data, but if the quality of the data is not to the mark, the applications will not be of much use. Veracity is a foundation block of data and, in fact, the human civilization.

187 pages, published in 2018
Vishnu Pendyala is a Senior Member of IEEE and of the Computer Society of India (CSI), with over two decades of software experience with industry leaders such as Cisco, Synopsys, Informix (now IBM), and Electronics Corporation of India Limited. He is on the executive council of CSI, Special Interest Group on Big Data Analytics, and is the founding editor of its flagship publication, Visleshana. He recently taught a short-term course on “Big Data Analytics for Humanitarian Causes,” which was sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India under the GIAN scheme; and delivered multiple keynotes in IEEE-sponsored international conferences. Vishnu has been living and working in the Silicon Valley for over two decades
Vishnu Pendyala

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