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Unity fired over 200 developers worldwide

The publication Kotaku reports the reduction of hundreds of employees of the American company Unity Technologies, which is behind the development of the game engine of the same name.

Unity was founded in 2004. Its game engine is used by thousands of developers around the world. In 2014, former EA head John Riccitello took over as CEO of Unity. As of 2020, 3.3 thousand people worked in the company, Unity provided such information to the Securities and Exchange Commission when entering the IPO. From the information on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, it is clear that the company has approximately 5,000 employees.

Kotaku sources note that the layoffs have affected Unity offices around the world. However, the departments of artificial intelligence and software engineering were most affected by the cuts. According to anonymous Unity employees on Blind, 300 or 400 workers have been laid off from the company, they say the cuts continue.

Employees say that they were notified of the dismissal during a video call with management.

Unity will pay laid-off workers for the last month of work and offer another month of severance pay and health insurance for that period. In addition, the company introduced a restriction on the admission of new employees in all departments.

An anonymous Kotaku source stated that Unity has become a "shit show". He chided the employer for unpredictable strategy and poor management.

Last November, Unity bought digital effects studio Weta, founded by director Peter Jackson, for $1.62 billion. Earlier in August, Unity acquired Parsec, a cloud-based video game streaming company, for $320 million.

In mid-June 2022, during a general meeting, Riccitello announced that the company had no financial problems and did not intend to lay off anyone.

Unity released a statement today that the cuts will affect more than 200 people, or 4% of the company's entire workforce.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]

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