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Underline _ in Python files


The underscore (_) is special in Python. There are 5 uses for underscores in Python.

1. To store the value of the last expression in the interpreter.

The python interpreter stores the last value of the expression in a special variable named & # 8216; _ & # 8217 ;.

""" 12 + 10 22""" _ 22 

2. To ignore certain values. 

Underscore is also used to ignore certain values ​​in multiple languages ​​like elixir, erlang, python, etc. If you don’t need specific values ​​or don’t use values, just assign values ​​to the underscore.

For example

"" & gt ; _, _, a = (1, 2, 3)""" a 3 

3. Give special meaning to the names of variables and functions.

Variable names with one preceding underscore are used for private variables, functions, classes. Anything with this convention is ignored in the import * module. There are many other conventions you can check at:

4. Separate the digits of a number with a literal value.

In python, to avoid having to deal with very large numbers, you can use an underscore to make the numbers easy to read.


""" a = 7_200_000_000 # 7.2 billion easily readable""" a 7200000000 

Note that the last feature was added to Python in v3.6

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