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Tinder owner sues Google for canceling alternative payment methods on Play Market

The scandal over the cancellation of alternative payment methods on Google Play continues. Recently, Epic Games filed a petition for a preliminary injunction against Google to remove the online music store Bandcamp from the Play Market. Starting June 1, 2022, Google is changing the rules of its digital content store on alternative forms of payment, as a result of which services are required to switch to using the payment system of the IT giant. And now another company, Match Group, which owns the dating service Tinder, has also sued Google because of the same problem with the possible removal of the application from Google Play. This is due to the fact that 30% of all transactions will have to be deducted to the IT giant.

Match Group - technology company

“Ten years ago Match Group partnered with Google. Now we are his hostages. Google has lured app developers to its platform with the assurance that we can offer users choices about how to pay for the services they need. But as soon as Google Play monopolized the Android app distribution market by using the services of the most popular developers, Google tried to ban alternative in-app payment services in order to cut almost every transaction in the Android app.”

The owners of Tinder said that Google violated antitrust laws due to the requirement to use only the IT giant’s own payment system. Match Group Executive Director Shar Dubey stressed that the representatives of the corporation were persistent, and the company’s lawsuit was a last resort. Google representatives consider the company’s payment system to help in the fight against fraud, and the commission is a common practice of paying for services in business. At the same time, I would like to note that in 2021 the company halved the commission for some applications. And in March 2022, Google allowed some companies (like Spotify) to add their own payment methods.

2020 conflict

The escalation of the issue of alternative payment methods in applications occurred after the conflict in 2020 between Epic Games and Apple due to violation of antitrust laws. At the end of the court session, everyone was dissatisfied with the court decision: Apple because the court demanded to allow alternative payment methods within applications, and Epic Games because the court considered it reasonable to remove the Fortnite application from the AppStore.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: Match Group


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