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TikTok is preparing to launch a music service

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to register the TikTok Music service.

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According to sources close to the company, ByteDance decided to expand the geography of the available Resso music service - TikTok Music will be launched on its platform. Resso is available in India, Brazil and Indonesia.

Resso is very similar to TikTok: tracks can be swiped from bottom to top, you can leave comments and edit playlist covers. In six months, the service has grown by 19% and it seems that ByteDance wants to capture other markets, but under a more familiar name.

The application will also include live audio, podcasts and radio.

Resso launched in 2020

Chinese company ByteDance (owner of TikTok) has launched Resso, a streaming service with built-in chats, in India, according to TechCrunch.

Music starts playing automatically when you open the application. In Resso, users can chat, comment on lyrics, and share content with each other while music plays in the background.

Prior to the full launch, the application was tested for two months in India and Indonesia. The company explained the choice in favor of India by the fact that there are more generation Z representatives in the country compared to other countries, writes TechCrunch.

Resso now has 600,000 Indian users and 400,000 Indonesian users, according to TechCrunch, citing research firm SensorTower.

ByteDance does not disclose the number of tracks in the app, but the company has contracts with Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Merlin and Beggars Group, as well as other major publishers in the Indian market, including T-Series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF Music , Times Music, Tips, Venus and Shemaroo as well as Speed ​​Records, Anand Audio, Lahiri Music, Divo and Muzik 247.

TechCrunch notes that one of the three largest music publishers, Universal Music, is not on the list of service partners. 10% of Universal Music is owned by the Chinese company Tencent, a competitor of ByteDance, the publication recalls.

Author: Michael Zippo
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