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The Pragmatic Programmer: a book by David Thomas, Andrew Hunt

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The Pragmatic Programmer: Your Journey To Mastery, 20th Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition). The Pragmatic Programmer is one of those rare technical books that you will read, reread, and re-read over the years. Whether you are new to the field or an experienced practitioner, you will come away with new ideas every time.

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352 pages, published in 2019

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Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt wrote the first edition of this influential book in 1999 to help their clients build better software and rediscover the fun of coding. These lessons have helped a generation of programmers examine the very essence of software development, regardless of any particular language, framework, or methodology, and the pragmatic philosophy has spawned hundreds of books, screencasts, and audiobooks, as well as thousands. of careers and successes.

Now, twenty years later, this new edition reexamines what it means to be a modern programmer. Topics range from personal responsibility and career development to architectural techniques to keep your code flexible and easy to adapt and reuse.

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Written as a series of sections on its own and filled with classic and fresh anecdotes, thoughtful examples and interesting analogies, The Pragmatic Programmer illustrates the best approaches and major pitfalls of many different aspects of software development. Whether you are a new programmer, an experienced programmer or a software project manager, use these lessons every day and you will quickly see improvements in personal productivity, accuracy and job satisfaction. You will learn skills and develop habits and attitudes that form the basis of long-term success in your career.

You will become a pragmatic programmer.

"To participate in the next generation of professional product delivery, you need to be pragmatic but disciplined. Otherwise, you are doomed to be baseless dreamers whose products put people at risk and whose ideas never fit successfully into the world. Andy and Dave have described a pragmatic but disciplined approach which is a fundamental step towards professionalism ”. –Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum and founder of, signer of the agile manifesto and author of Software in 30 Days.

"Choosing adjectives is hard work. In The Pragmatic Programmer, Dave and Andy set the tone for their work: caring, savvy, ambitious and concerned about themselves and those they reach through their programs. His publication was the book. to read if you wanted to work to improve ". - Kent Beck, Gusto, author of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, Test-Driven Development: By Example and The Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns

"Some say that with The Pragmatic Programmer, Andy and Dave caught lightning in a bottle; that it's unlikely anyone will soon write a book that can rock an entire industry like they did. Sometimes, however, lightning strikes two. times, and this book is proof of it.The updated content guarantees that it will stay at the top of the "best books on software development" lists for another 20 years, where it belongs. ―VM (Vicky) Brasseur, Director of Open Source Strategy, Juniper Networks

“If you want your software to be easy to modernize and maintain, have a copy of The Pragmatic Programmer handy. It is packed with practical advice, both technical and professional, that will be useful to you and your projects for years to come. " Andrea Goulet, CEO, Corgibytes; Founder, LegacyCode.Rocks

"The Pragmatic Programmer is the only book I can cite that completely shifted the existing trajectory of my software career and guided me to success. Reading it opened my mind to the possibilities of being a craftsman., Not just a cog. in a big car. One of the most important books of my life. " Obie Fernandez, author, The Rails Way

“New readers can look forward to an exciting introduction to the modern world of software practice, a world that the first edition played an important role in education. Readers of the first edition will be able to rediscover here the ideas and practical wisdom that made the book so important in the first place, wisely organized and updated, with many new features ». David A. Black, author, The Well-Grounded Rubyist

“I have an old hard copy of the original pragmatic programmer on my shelf. It was read and reread, and a long time ago it changed everything in the way I approach my job as a programmer. In the new edition, everything and nothing has changed: I now read it on my iPad and the code examples use modern programming languages, but the underlying concepts, ideas and attitudes are timeless and universally applicable. Twenty years later, the book is still as relevant as ever. It makes me happy to know that current and future developers will have the same opportunity to learn from Andy and Dave's in-depth knowledge as I did back then. " ―Sandy Mamoli, Agile coach; Author of How self-selection makes people excel

The Pragmatic Programmer PDF book reviews

The Pragmatic Programmer review by Amazon Customer

It was a gift for a top notch experienced programmer for Christmas. He said he wanted this book. He said it was a great book and was very happy that she bought it for him. I think he was telling the truth and not just polite.

The Pragmatic Programmer review by Shruti

I think this book should be a textbook in programming schools. I loved this book! Lots of good to go. I read it religiously like a textbook while taking notes.

The Pragmatic Programmer review by Anne Applin

It had been on my "to read" list for a long time, I just hadn't made it. When I saw the 20th anniversary version released, I realized that the time had passed. I read in small pieces to give myself time to digest each nugget. It should be a must read for all programmers.

The Pragmatic Programmer review by Michael Echeverria

Great book by and for serious programmers. The first edition was excellent and the material added emphasizes important points.

The Pragmatic Programmer review by Angelo D Oliveira

This book will not teach the codes, you can sometimes read, but the main idea is to be a better programmer and to think better, to solve problems, to think about the algorithm yourself. There isn't much to say, you see the first edition was written 20 years ago and when you start to read you see the quality of the book.

It is divided into a few topics within certain topics. You can read while watching or follow the coverage to the end.

This book has no specific language or 'recipe' to follow, on the contrary it will open your mind to better reflect.

To recommend absolutely !!

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