The best soccer game simulators on PC

Football is a sports game that currently holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. The understanding of this aspect by the developers has led to the fact that currently there are a huge variety of games on the gaming market, which makes it often difficult to understand which one is worth spending time on. Below is a series of game developments, each representing the best soccer manager on PC according to the Lazy and Crazy Sports YouTube.

Soccer Manager Series

This version has become especially popular among players due to the fact that it is distributed free of charge, you just need to download the game and install it on your device. For the extensive functionality provided in the game, many considered this to be the best football manager on the pc.

This is only 1/3 of the broad gaming functionality. There are currently 2 versions of the game: Soccer Manager (basic) and Soccer Manager Worlds (extended). For the current and upcoming development, the simulator is rightfully ranked among the best football managers in the game. Football Manager Series This series presents a football manager simulator with a collection of good games, each of which is as close as possible to real football. This makes the game very interesting, as the user almost watches live football players at the matches, but at the same time requires careful work from the user.

There are currently 3 versions of the game: Football Manager (basic), Football Manager Mobile (mobile) and Football Manager Online (the best football manager, online play is a new additional feature).

FIFA manager series

This is one of the oldest and most famous developments – a football manager simulator, which was released under the auspices of Electronic Arts. The game collection of these developers were: The FA Premier League Football, Total Club, FIFA Manager. The peculiarity was that in this simulator you can completely immerse yourself in the management of the team and players.