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string.whitespace in Python

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In Python3 string.whitespace — it is a pre-initialized string used as a string constant. In Python, string.whitespace will provide character space, tabs, newlines, returns, form feed, and vertical tabs.

Syntax: string. whitespace

Parameters: Doesn’t take any parameter, since it’s not a function.

Returns: Return the characters space , tab, linefeed, return, formfeed, and vertical tab.

Note. Make sure to import the string library function to use string.whitespace.

Code # 1:

# import string library function

import string 


print ( "Hello" )

# Storing character space, tabs, etc.

result = string.whitespace

# Print values ​​

print (result)

print ( "Geeksforgeeks" )

Exit :

 Hello Geeksforgeeks 

Code # 2: This code checks for whitespace.

# import string library function

import string 

# Input line.

Sentence = "Hey, Geeks!, How are you?"


for i in Sentence:


# check for spaces

  if i in string.whitespace:


# Print space values

print ( "printable Value is:" + i)

Output :

 printable Value is: printable Value is: printable Value is: printable Value is: printable Value is: 

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