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You have submitted your application for an internship and a few days later you receive an email from the hiring manager. You’ve caught their attention and they want to schedule an interview to learn more about you and your experience. Congratulations! Now that you have scheduled an interview, the next step is to prepare yourself for some common internship interview questions that you may receive.

Getting an interview is big business. To stand out from all the other applicants, you will need to show yourself as a professional who has what it takes for the job.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top seven common interview questions. We’ll also provide sample answers to these questions, which you can use to learn how to answer them.

Top 7 Common Interview Questions

# 1: Tell Us About

Employers know that job interviews can be intimidating. If you are looking for an internship, you are unlikely to have much interview experience for a job. Employers ask this question to help break the ice and keep track of the interview.

If you are asked this question, there are a few points you should highlight:

  • Who are you? Perhaps the only impression an employer has of you so far is the one they read on your resume and cover letter. When they ask this question, they are trying to get more context on who you are and what is important to you.
  • What have you accomplished ? Once you’ve introduced yourself, you should talk about some of your main accomplishments. Discuss your grade, grades, research projects, or anything else that you think shows your skills.
  • Where do you want to go in the future ? Having an idea of ‚Äã‚Äãwhere you want to be in the future is a good sign that you are aware of yourself and care about your professional development. These are two attributes employers actively look for in job interviews, so you should spend some time talking about your long-term goals.

There are other ways to answer this question. demand. For example, you may be asked:

  • "Give us information about who you are and what interests you."
  • "Tell us about your work and your extracurricular experience."

Here is an example of an answer you could give to this question:

" Of course ! I am Hannah, a freshman at Stanford University who is currently studying computer science. I discovered programming when I was nine years old. Since then I have been immersed in troubleshooting using code.

In college, I participate in the campus computer club, where we discuss the latest developments software and hardware and share the minicomputers we have built. I have maintained a GPA of 3.9 in my class. I’m also a volunteer mentor for a program that helps high school students get started with coding.

In the future, I want to become a software engineer. After learning about your internship program, many of your values, such as long-term growth and investing in your people, have deeply affected me. I also think your workplace would be a great place for me to develop hands-on work experience in solving difficult problems.»

# 2: Why are you interested in this internship?

Employers ask this question to assess whether your long-term career goals and ambitions match what the company can offer you. The last thing an employer wants to do is hire an intern who, while talented, wouldn’t thrive in their workplace.

Before starting the interview, you should take the time to research the company. What do they do? What do you care about them? Doing this research will help you create a compelling answer to this question and show an employer how passionate you are about the opportunity you applied for.

In your answer you should discuss this. that you hope to learn. Then you need to explain how this fits with the goals or long term vision of the business.

Let’s say you are applying for an internship as a software engineer. You can use this answer to answer this question:

"Since I was ten, I have been programming. I love using code to help solve problems and am fascinated that a program has the potential to help millions of people around the world.

I am really excited about this opportunity. You seem to be working on a number of technical challenges and I would like to see how I can help you solve them. I am particularly fascinated by your commitment to helping young engineers advance their careers through mentorship as well. ‚"

# 3: Tell us when you had to learn something new.

Internships are great learning environments because there is always something new to do. Employers want to hire someone who has a growth mindset who is able to keep up with everything that is going on within the company.

To answer this question you must think of a time when you had to learn something new. It is often best to provide an example outside of your primary area of ‚Äã‚Äãinterest, which will help you demonstrate how you are learning in environments outside of your circle of expertise.

Here is an example of an answer to this question:

"At school, I decided to register for a initiation into philosophy. It was outside of my area of ‚Äã‚Äãinterest, IT, but I thought it would be a good way to broaden my knowledge.

Before registering, I decided to do some preliminary research on philosophy in order to have some knowledge before starting the course. Then I spoke to current students to help me get started. I also participated in a study group with my classmates to make sure I was always up to date on my work and to increase my exposure to different perspectives on the topics we were learning. "

# 4: Tell us about a project you completed from start to finish. What did you learn from this experience ?

Even if you are not running your project as an intern, you will still have to contribute to business projects.

Employers ask this question to find out how you work. How Do you approach work on new projects? Are you open-minded? Do you like to spend your time solving big challenges? Riesci a rispondere rapidamente alle modifiche delle informazioni?

Nella risposta killed, dovresti parlare di un progetto che hai Completato, che si di tratti a compito a progetto di classe a progetto di laboratorio o qualcos Other. you should also discuss how you have contributed to the project. if This was a team project, what responsibility did you take on? Then you should discuss the specific ways you contributed to the project .

"In the Business Development course, a team of three other students and I were tasked with finding ways for a company to improve customer retention rates . It was a month-long project that involved a lot of collaborative work.

I started by making a list of my ideas on how the company could improve its customer retention rates. Then I met with my team to discuss their thoughts and we all went around and looked at every suggestion everyone was making. This led to us narrowing it down to four tips, which was the requirement to complete the mission.

I took the initiative to write one of these recommendations. This involved defining my thought process, collecting data to support the recommendation, and writing the final draft. I then presented my recommendation to my colleagues for their consideration, and I also reviewed each of their recommendations. We ultimately received an A for this project, due to our creative thinking and the actionable nature of our recommendations. ‚"

# 5: What are your strengths?

Employers ask this question to gauge how self-aware you are and to learn more about the traits that you think best describe you.

Think about your basic skills. Are you a good communicator? Are you able to use a specific sales process in your job ? Do you have experience working with the public ?

You should discuss a couple of the strengths you identify in your answer to this question. Additionally, you need to back up each of your strengths with an example of how you have strengthened them. This will help an employer see that you have a strength as an example, rather than just being told that you are good at something.

"One of my main strengths is that I am reliable. During my last internship, I was given a lot of responsibilities, which made me realize the importance of being trustworthy. I take great pride in maintaining organizational systems so that I can keep track of my work. When I give a new assignment, I break it down into its main components and create a timeline for myself. ensure that I am on time. This behavior allowed me to complete the main project that was given to me during my last internship one week in advance. ‚"

# 6: Tell us about your proudest accomplishment.

Employers ask this question to learn more about the type of work you enjoy doing. They want to know what projects you are proud of so that they can assess whether they can involve you in this type of work during your internship.

If you are asked this question, do you s should be talking about something you’re really proud of, even if it doesn’t sound as impressive as anything you might mention. Are you really proud of a website you created in college ? If so, mention it in your interview.

In answering this question, you should also explain why you are proud of your achievement. Was it a good learning experience? Did your work pay off in a way you didn’t expect? Did your project have an impact ?

" My greatest pride was finishing my first year thesis for my marketing course. In this project, I developed a social media marketing campaign for a fashion company.

During this project, I had to break down the business needs and understand them. , both operational and financial, I therefore designed a campaign that enabled them to effectively present one of their new products.

I’m really proud of this project because I was able to work on it from start to finish and because it involved a lot of problem solving. For example, my initial campaign was well over budget. I had to go back, rethink my approach and explore ways to make my campaign more profitable while maintaining its impact. "

# 7: How do you prioritize your work ?

Internships are real work experiences. If you are late in delivering a mission, it will have a direct impact on a business.

Employers want to know that you know how to organize your work well and that you are able to prioritize effectively when given more tasks to work on. Indeed, employers want to hire people they can trust to do the job assigned to them, even if there is a lot of work to be done.

To answer this question, you should provide an example of a situation where you had to manage a heavy workload. Talk about how you initially recognized that you had to prioritize your work, then discuss what actions you took for yourself ensure that you are able to finish all your work on time. Here is a sample answer to this question:

"Last semester I found myself with a wide range of homework to complete, as well as a thesis. As a result, I had to focus on prioritizing my work.

First of all, I made a list of all my tasks so that I knew what to work on and how much work to do. So I ranked these commitments in order of importance and by how long it would take to fulfill them. It helped me identify what work needed to be done immediately and what work could be postponed in the future.

My organizational approach helped me deliver all my assignments on time. I have also been praised several times for the quality of my work, which made me even more confident in my work priority system.


Internship interviews can be nerve-racking. If you do well, you might get the job;if you make a mistake, you may have to start your job search again.

To prepare for your internship interview, think about how you would answer some common interview questions. This will help you build your confidence and start thinking about how you would react if different scenarios arose during the interview.

It may also be useful to test with a friend or family member. This is where you will get a list of questions asked in an interview-like setting. Testing is a great way to prepare for the intensity of an interview and to get feedback on answers.

If you prepare well enough, you should have no problem positioning yourself as the right candidate for the internship. !

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Javascript Questions For The Internship Interview __del__: Questions

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