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Sony lowers PS5 sales forecast for 2022

At the end of the last fiscal quarter in May, Sony said that the PlayStation 5 console would sell 18 million units in 2022. Last year, the Japanese company managed to sell 11.5 million PS5. However, Sony is now forced to revise its profit forecast, cutting it by 16% due to the expected fall in sales of games from the company's internal studios.

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Sony lowered its profit forecast from $2.3 billion to $1.9 billion. The company noted that the drop in revenue is due to the acquisition of developer Bungie Studios - the completion of the transaction took place earlier than Sony expected.

In the first fiscal quarter of 2022, the company sold 2.4 million consoles compared to 2.3 million units in the same period last year. To meet the May forecast, Sony needs to sell approximately 5 million PS5s in each of the three upcoming quarters.

In May, the company promised to increase the production of consoles to meet demand for them. According to Sony, this was possible due to the easing of problems with the supply chain. However, at the moment there are still not enough consoles.

During the past quarter, Sony sold 47.1 million games, of which 6.4 million were projects from the company's internal studios. For the same period in 2021, these figures were 63.6 million and 10.5 million.

The number of users over the past three months has decreased from 47.4 to 47.3 million. The number of monthly active users has decreased from 106 to 102 million. In June, Sony introduced PS Plus Extra and Premium plans, but the company has not yet disclosed details about the impact of new subscriptions on economic indicators. This information is likely to become known in the next quarter.

Sony will try to increase sales with the release of God of War Ragnarok in November, as well as a remake of Last of Us Part I for PS5 in September. The company introduced PS VR 2, but it will not appear until next year.

In February, Sony announced that it would release over 10 new games through 2026. These projects will be developed by the company's internal studios. The author of Eurogamer believes that these projects will include a new Bungie franchise, which is codenamed Matter. British studio Firesprite is working on a new part of Twisted Metal, and Naughty Dog is working on a multiplayer version of Last of Us Part II.

Yesterday, Sony launched a beta version of the PS5 system software update, including 1440p support, game lists, and other changes. Some console owners in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, France, and Germany will have access to testing.

Two days earlier, Sony announced that it would be sending PS5 devkits to new publishers and development studios for free through the PlayStation Partners program.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]


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