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If you want to become a software engineer , a degree can make all the difference. Software engineering degree programs are time consuming and expensive. However, you will acquire the basic and advanced skills you need to start your career as a software engineer.

If you are wondering what four year software engineering degrees are and which programs are best, we can help you. In this article, you will find the best software engineering bachelor’s degrees online and in person. We also explore the best software engineering careers you can access with a degree.

What is software engineering ?

Software engineering is a subset of computer science. Software engineering professionals design and build computer systems and applications. These systems and applications include database systems, websites and mobile applications, among others.

What is a software engineering degree ?

A software engineering degree is a four-year degree consisting of courses ranging from programming to information systems. You will learn everything you need to know in the field of software engineering. In addition, software engineering students with a bachelor’s degree find employment more easily.

Software engineering degrees explore topics such as software testing, software design, and software systems. You can also find programs with flexible study options such as part-time, online, or hybrid formats. The biggest downside to this type of degree is that it can be quite expensive.

Software engineering degree requirements

While many software engineering colleges and universities don’t expect you to have experience, admission requirements are still strict. To study a software engineering degree, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Non-native English speakers are also required to submit a TOEFL score or equivalent exam. Having experience in software engineering will strengthen your application.

How much does a bachelor’s degree in software engineering cost ?

The The average cost of Tuition for a software engineering degree is $ 16,647 per year. This price increases to $ 28,775 when other taxes as well as room and board are added. For comparison, the cost of attending a two-year institution as a community college is only $ 11,391, including housing costs.

Funding options for an engineering degree software: how to pay for your software engineering degree

You can pay for your software engineering degree through federal grants, private loans and scholarships. Some schools may also offer Income Sharing Agreements (ISA) or deferred tuition fees. Some institutions may give you the option of paying in installments.

The best courses and graduate schools in software engineering: overview

< td> Bachelor of Science in Software re Engineering < td> University of Nebraska-Lincoln
School Program Accreditation
Arizona State University Bachelor of Software Engineering HLC
Auburn University Bachelor of Software Engineering SACSCOC
Drexel University Diploma in Software Engineering MSCHE
Fresno Pacific University WSCUC
Milwaukee School of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering HLC
Michiga Technological University n Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering HLC
Rochester Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering MSCHE
Trine University Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering HLC
University of Texas at Dallas Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering SACSCOC
Bachelor of Software Engineering HLC

Best college for software engineering: top software engineering study programs

If you choose in-person over learning a software engineering training path, these colleges can help you become the professional you want to be. Here are the best software engineering degree programs in the United States.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering | Arizona State University

Professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking, and communication are the soft skills you will learn in this program. Like many other software engineering programs, students can also expect to study systems analysis, software construction, and software design. This university offers career and mentoring services to find the perfect career for you.

Bachelor of Software Engineering | Auburn University

Students on campus will explore software analysis and the basics of software engineering tools. You can also expect to cover algorithms, networks, and operating systems. Additionally, Auburn University helps you jumpstart a career in software engineering through interview preparation, CV support, and networking services.

Diploma in software engineering | Drexel University

By learning about real-world issues in the software lifecycle, Drexel University students cover essential skills for this field. The courses consist of concepts such as software evolution, project management, quality control, and software design. For a phenomenal student experience, Drexel University offers career and learning resources.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering | Fresno Pacific University

Common courses in this degree program include Discrete Mathematics, Internet Programming, Software Modeling, and Computer Science. You can study a BS or a BA, depending on your career goals. Students on campus have access to health services and career development support and will benefit from a diverse learning environment.

Diploma in Software Engineering | Milwaukee School of Engineering

This program aims to teach students advanced software architecture techniques and soft skills. As a graduate, you will know how to apply interpersonal skills, adapt to new technologies, and implement industry-led methods. Living on the campus of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, you can join athletic teams and student organizations.

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Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering | University of Technology of Michigan

Michigan University of Technology combines practice and theory in this program. You will learn software analysis, modeling, usability, teamwork, software testing, and quality assurance. learn, join clubs and organizations and take advantage of consulting services.

Bachelor des sciences in Software Engineering | Rochester Institute of Technology

This degree program analyzes software systems, software architecture e and other fields of engineering, while also focusing on the development of soft skills. The Rochester Institute of Technology hosts many events to provide you with networking opportunities and provide professional support.

Bachelor of Science in Software engineering | Trine University

The courses in this degree at Trine University will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of digital systems, programming, project management, and software design. Students will also learn public speaking and the humanities. On campus, you will find sports activities, student organizations and career development services.

Bachelor of software engineering | The University of Texas at Dallas

This is a comprehensive degree covering advanced concepts such as high-level programming, project management, data structures, and algorithms. Students can also do software engineering internships at companies such as IBM. You can also expect extensive student support. Students can join student clubs.

Diploma in software engineering | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

To ensure you start with hands-on experience, this degree program includes two wrap-around projects. Areas of study include data modeling, testing and analysis, and software architecture. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln helps students enter software engineering through career support.

Best online software engineering course and graduate schools: overview

Best Colleges for Engineering Software: Best Software Engineering Degree Online Programs

Online learning offers more flexibility and you can study from anywhere. This means that you can join the program of your choice even if the school is in a different state. Below, we explore the best colleges, universities, and degree programs for learning software engineering online.

Online Bachelor of Software Engineering | Arizona State University

This degree covers the same skill set as the in-person counterpart, which we covered in the previous section. However, this study program is made up of online courses which allow more flexibility. You will have access to virtual professional development services.

Bachelor in software development | Bellevue University

If you want to learn Python , database development, Java and other required skills , the University of Bellevue has what you need. This program covers 127 credit hours and you can take online classes when it’s convenient for you. Students also have several financial aid options available.

Online Bachelor of Software Development | Champlain College

With 120 credit hours, this software engineering program lets you choose your study time. Students will take 10 to 17 hours of classes per week and study C ++ , network fundamentals, relational database design and cybersecurity. Champlain College offers dedicated student support and a reasonable range of financial aid solutions.

Bachelor of science in computer science - Software engineering | Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University teaches computer science, programming, database systems, and data structures. Areas of focus for this program include quality assurance, user interface design, and software service creation. Virtual student support services are not extensive, but there are many financial aid options.

Bachelor in Software Development | DeVry University

DeVry University aims to help its students succeed and will invest in your education with a free laptop. You will gain hands-on experience in areas such as cloud software, cybersecurity technologies, and software systems. This university will also help you with career resources and financial aid plans.

Bachelor of Science in computer engineering | Old Dominion University

Students in this degree program will take courses such as computer networking, cybersecurity, software development, and communication systems. You can access the course materials at any time. You will also benefit from professional advice and support.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering | Regent University

Courses in this online software engineering degree program include digital systems design, engineering ethics, discrete mathematics, and the fundamentals of data. Graduates of this program will be able to solve complex engineering problems and solve software problems. Distance learners have access to career support services and financial assistance, as well as an online writing workshop and library.

School Program Accreditation
Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Engineering Software HLC
University Bellevue Diploma in Software Development HLC
Champlain College Online Bachelor of Science in Development of software NECHE
Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering HLC
DeVry University Bachelor of Science in Software Development HLC
Old Dominion University Bachelor of Engineering e informatics SACSCOC
Regent University Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering SACSCOC
Saint Leo University Bachelor of Software Engineering SACSCOC
Southern New Hampshire University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering Concentration NECHE
Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Software Engineering MSCHE