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Raspberry Pi robot kit


Raspberry Pi robot kit

Raspberry Pi has been around for a while, but it seems like it’s just getting bigger and bigger. Programmers are curious people and they play with electronics.

Raspberry Pi is a whole mini computer for a ridiculously cheap price, and you can get a great bundle like this one that adds all sorts of cool stuff to play with.

It's also great for teaching kids to code or building your own network of servers.

Freenove Big Hexapod Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 B 3 B+ B A+, Walking, Self Balancing, Live Video, Face Recognition, Pan Tilt, Ultrasonic Ranging, Camera Servo Wireless RC

Once I ran Linux on my Raspberry Pi and connected it to Putty, how awesome is that? In short, one of the best gadgets to give to your programmer friend.

Tutorial and Code:

Come with detailed tutorial and complete code (Python). (Download needed, no paper tutorial.) The download link can be found on the product box.

Remote Control:

You can use the following devices to control this robot:

Laptop or desktop. (Run Windows, macOS or Raspberry Pi OS.) (Refer to tutorial for details.)

Android device:
Android phone or tablet. (Run Android 4.4 or later, installed Freenove App.) (Search Freenove on Google Play.)

(Run iOS 10 or later, installed Freenove App.) (Search Freenove on App Store.)

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Reviews

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by Blade Dreams

Since there is little (ok, no) on how to put videos together - I have posted a six part assembly tutorial on youtube, I haven't gone through the software in detail like Github, and the Freenove links / tutorials do this part very well . Best of all, App Control or Computer Control allow live view while using / controlling hexapod. The only thing I would notice is the servo gears, the screw to be fixed - don't over tighten them! just "cozy". perhaps a closing point on the metal parts. can search BladeDreams to capture my videos.

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by MediaBoxEnt

Great hexapod for building, programming and building memories! this hexapod is a very exciting robot to work with, I recommend to build the body and legs separately, then attach the legs to the main body, this robot is strong enough to carry a small water bottle or a nice flower pot! we use raspberry pi 3, it can also be done with raspberry pi 4!

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by Bill Vitez

I have built a series of Freenove robot kits. They are well thought out with great fit and functionality. This Big Hexapod kit is no exception. The self-balancing function is excellent. It also has quality metal gear servos, video capabilities, and much more. You still need to buy 4 x 18650 Li-ion cells (readily available online) and a Raspberry Pi board if you don't have one available (most versions are supported). The assembly tutorial is comprehensive and best of all is their technical support which is responsive and friendly. Highly recommended! This would make a great holiday gift for robot enthusiasts.

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by JM

Customer service is very helpful. The instructions strike the right balance of readability and sufficiency, but it helps to be able to answer a few questions to get started. You must be on when you connect the servos to the card, but you may want to think twice before leaving it on when you plug in the camera or you may electrocute it. I can't believe such a robot isn't available at such a price. A few painstaking hours of screwing and connecting the cables, then a few more hours of installing and understanding the code and it flows through your room. It would be helpful to have some experience with rpi and python to get started or you will have more questions. I like that it's basically a Python-based tool with a camera and ultrasonic distance sensor that you can program at will. There are 18 rugged servos, so get four good 18650 batteries. Don't skimp on power.

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by J. Walt

The Freenove Big Hexapod Robot Kit is a fantastic robot to have. The tutorial walks you through everything from setting up a Raspberry Pi to assembling and operating the hexapod robot. This thing is bigger than I imagined and is a good deal for the price. I would only suggest buying a Raspberry Pi 3B, with built-in WiFi. I installed an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4B version on it, but encountered a problem connecting to the mobile app when it is active. I replaced it with a 3B version. Maybe a 4B with less memory might work, but the 3B with a 16GB SD card is all you really need. Technical support is fast and friendly. Shaynee and Denzel are very determined to solve your problems. I've had to email them multiple times to try and get the Pi 4B 8GB to work and they've always been happy to help me in any way they can.

Raspberry Pi Robot Kit Review by Scott W.

Assembly is a bit tedious, as are all of these types of kits. Be careful when mounting the bottom plate, battery holder and head. it is not obvious what the back and forth directions are, but it is important. Lots of extra screws and spacers so if you drop one don't kill yourself trying to find it.

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