Python Workout: 50 TEN-MINUTE EXERCISES at Python.Engineering


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Python Workout isn’t designed to teach you Python, although I hope and expect that you’ll learn quite a bit along the way. It is meant to help you improve your understand- ing of Python and how to use it to solve problems. You can think of it as a workbook, one whose power and learning potential depends on you. The more effort you put into this book, the more you’ll get out of it.

223 pages, published in
Who should read this book This book is aimed at developers who have taken a Python course, or perhaps read an introductory book on the language. Indeed, the bulk of these exercises are aimed at people who are in my intro Python course, or who have recently finished taking it. You should already have an understanding of basic constructs, such as if and for, as well as the core data structures, such as strings, lists, tuples, and dictionaries. But there’s a difference between having a passing familiarity with these topics and knowing how to apply them to actual problems. If you can get by with Python but find yourself going to Stack Overflow many times each day, then this book will help you to become more confident and independent as you write Python code. I’d argue that if you have been using Python regularly for less than six months, then you’ll gain from this book. How this book is organized: a roadmap This book has ten chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of Python. However, the exercises in each chapter will use techniques from other chapters. For example, nearly every exercise asks you to write a function or a class, even though functions are introduced in chapter 6 and classes are introduced in chapter 9. Think of the names as general guidelines, rather than strict rules, for what you’ll be practicing and learn- ing in each chapter.

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