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Python | Sorting a string in order defined by another string


Examples :

  Input: pat = "asbcklfdmegnot", str = "eksge"   Output: str = "geeks"  (after sorting, str becomes "skeeg" and return its reverse)  Input: pat = "mgewqnasibkldjxruohypzcftv", str = "niocgd"   Output: str = "coding"  

The idea is to first maintain the dictionary according to the index provided in Pattern and then pass the lambda function (which uses the dictionary utility) to the sort function. 
Below is the implementation of the above idea.

# Python program to sort the string and return
# its backward string according to the template string

# This function will return a reverse sorted string
# as per template


def sortbyPattern (pat, str ):


priority = list (pat)


# Create a dictionary to store the priority of each character

myDict = {priority [i]: i for i in range ( len (priority))}


str = list ( str )


  # Pass lambda function as key in sort function

  str . sort (key = lambda ele: myDict [ele])


  # Reverse the line with reverse ()

str . reverse ()


new_str = ’’ .join ( str )

return new_str



i f __ name__ = = ’ __main__’ :

pat = "asbcklfdmegnot"

str =   "eksge"

new_str = sortbyPattern ( pat, str )

print (new_str)

Exit :


Time Difficulty: n * log (n), where n — line length

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