Python | shutil.disk_usage () method

Python Methods and Functions

shutil.disk_usage() in Python is designed to get statistics on disk usage for a specified path. This method returns a named tuple with the attributes total , used , and free . The total attribute represents the amount of total space, the used attribute — the amount of space used, and the free attribute — the amount of space available in bytes.

Note. On Windows, the specified path must represent a directory, but on Unix systems, it can be a file or directory.

Syntax: shutil.disk_usage (path)

path : A path-like object representing a file system path. A path-like object is either a string or bytes object representing a path.

Return Type: This method returns a named tuple with attributed total, used and free.

Code: using the shutil.disk_usage () method

# Python program to explain the shutil.disk_usage () method

# import the shutil module

import shutil

# Path

path = " / home / User / Documents "

# Get disk usage statistics
# about the given path

stat = shutil.disk_usage (path)

# Print statistics disk usage

print ( "Disk usage statistics: " )

print (stat )


 Disk usage statistics: usage (total = 244934381568, used = 13350301696, free = 219070689280)