Python Regex | Program for accepting a string ending with an alphanumeric character

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For a given line, write a Python program to check if the given line ends with only an alphanumeric character or not.

Examples :

  Input:  ankitrai326  Output:  Accept  Input:  ankirai @  Output:  Discard 

In this program we use the search () method of the re module (): this method either returns None (if the pattern does not match) or re.MatchObject which contains information about the matching part of the string. This method stops after the first match, so it's better for checking regular expressions than for extracting data.

The POSIX / C locale is 36 case-insensitive characters (AZ and 0-9) or 62 characters case sensitive (AZ, az and 0-9).

Let's take a look at a Python program for this:

# Python program for accepting line endings
# only with an alphanumeric character.
# import re module

# re module provides support
# for regular expressions

import re

# Make regular expression line to accept
# ends with an alphanumeric character

regex = '[a-zA-z0-9] $'

# Define a function to accept the string
# ends with an alphanumeric character

def check (string): 


  # pass regex

# and a string in the search () method

if ( (regex, string)): 

print  ( "Accept"



print ( " Discard "


Driver code

if __ name__ = = '__main__ '


  # Enter a string

  string = < code class = "string"> "ankirai @"


  # run function call

check (string)


string = "ankitrai326"

  check (string)


string = "ankit . "

  check (string)


string = "pythonengineering"

check (string)


 Discard Accept Discard Accept 

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