Javascript Side Project Ideas

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To become an expert programmer, you need to practice. There are many fun and exciting Python projects for beginners. These projects allow you to create something useful while learning this fun programming language.

Books and videos can only take your knowledge to a certain level. The best way to hone your skills is to challenge yourself. Improve yourself by creating projects, such as the Python Beginner Projects in the list below.

Now is the time to put that knowledge to the test and start honing your programming experience with Python projects.

Reasons why you should learn Python

Proficiency in one or more programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãhas become desirable, because programming knowledge can lead to profitable and rewarding careers. The demand for Python developers continues to grow, especially as Python is the third largest / a> programming language in the world.

Also, the best companies like Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, Instacart, and Reddit (to name a few) rely on Python. In short, adding Python to your resume will make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

There are many ways to learn Python. Some people learn Python from books. Others learn Python through online courses. If you need to be more convincing, check out this great resource to learn more about why you should learn Python .

Choosing a Python project for beginners

Unless you already have some programming skills behind you, you’ll want to make sure you’ve learned the basics of Python. If you’re new to learning Python, check out our beginner’s resources . You can also visit Codecademy and DataQuest for free courses.

Make sure not to confuse Python 2 & Python 3 . It is important to understand both languages. However, learning Python 3 keeps you the most up to date in the language.

Pick a topic that interests you

Don’t start with a project. Browse and find a topic that looks interesting. Not only will you have more fun if you are interested, but fueling that curiosity will keep you motivated to complete the project.

Choosing fun Python projects for beginners can be the difference between starting and ending a project. Often times, new programmers practice choosing a project that solves a daily problem.

Think about how the project will fit into your overall goals. For example, if your business goal is to develop applications, create a simple web application project.

Conversely, if your professional interest is data science , find a project that can analyze a dataset. In summary, there are a ton of great ideas for Python projects. They can be fun and help you reach your career goals or your career path.

Think small to make big gains

In other words Don’t choose a project that requires an expert skill level. Unless you really like the pressure, choosing one that is too difficult at first will only stress you out. It’s fine to dream of a big goal, but recognize that each step of that goal needs to be broken down into smaller steps.

Instead, start with simple Python projects first. Develop bigger ideas, such as web and desktop apps, 3D games, or even social media platforms.

Python projects for beginner developers: games and challenges

 Python games and challenges for beginners
Python games and challenges can improve troubleshooting skills.

It is said that the practice makes perfect. And you are not an expert at anything until you have practiced for over 10,000 hours. It may sound intimidating, but don’t be discouraged. These simple games and challenges will help you increase your understanding and your self-confidence.

For more game ideas, check out PyGame wiki for more Python tutorials and to get started typing on this command line.

Here is a list of nine great Python projects for beginners:

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

One of the most beloved games of all time and a simple Python project to test your skills. Start by making the player against the computer. Skills Used: Better understand while loops and if statements.

Create a Twitter bot

Want to engage your Twitter followers even when working offline on other projects? You will need to register as a Twitter developer to do so , but don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Guess the number

This could be a fun Python project for groups or events where a random generator is needed. It is useful for organizing lotteries, table games or simply between players to guess a random number. Skills used: Familiarize yourself with the random function, variables, integers, printing, if / else and while loops.

MadLibs generator

Remember that game we played when we were kids? The game where we put silly words in the blanks and laugh hysterically as they are read back to us?

With a Mad Libs generator, you can relive those hilarious moments. This generator allows you to work on a wide range of Python skills. Skills used: strings, variables, concatenation, printing.


Similar to generating a random number, this Python game substitutes a word where the user guesses the letters. You will also need to create a counter to count the number of bad letter attempts. Skills used: random library, boolean, input / output, character, string and length.

Password generator

Create a random password generator for your friends and family to protect their accounts ! Skills used: random library and sequences.

Roll the dice

Similar to the "Guess the Number" game above, the construction of a roll of the dice can be used to play. Or you can create one similar to a Magic 8-Ball to answer your deeper questions! Skills used: random library, printing, while loops.

Text-based adventure

This Python project is a simple mission game in which the user can browse different rooms and get a description of each. You will set limits on how far characters can travel, where they are going, and how to track their position. Skills used: variables, strings, input / output, if / else, print and list.

Secret Encrypt

Generate and decrypt secret ciphers. It works well with a fellow programmer where one of you creates a cipher and the other decrypts the secret message. Skills used: encryption methods.

Python projects for intermediate Python developers

Once you understand the Python programming language, addresses more advanced projects. Intermediate projects use more technical skills. They require extensive knowledge of Python. Although these projects are more difficult to achieve, you will learn a lot by taking them on.

Alarm Clock

Creating an alarm clock is an effective way to demonstrate your programming skills. It lets you design something that gives you a specific notification at a particular time. Make your alarm clock more advanced by making it play music or videos on the fly.


It’s time to take a new step in the development of the Python game. Tic-Tac-Toe might be a simple game to play, but it’s not that easy to program. The Pygame library is useful for this type of project. It comes with the necessary modules for sound and graphics.

Wikipedia article generator

In terms of what it does, it’s a pretty straightforward program. However, it can get quite complicated. The goal of the program is to find a random article on Wikipedia.

Next, the program asks the user if they want to view the article. If the user says yes, the program displays it.

Python projects for advanced Python developers

Finally, the next step to test your skills as a Python developer goes through advanced projects. These projects address more unusual aspects of programming and development.

Don’t worry if you have problems with projects like these, even experienced developers have problems with advanced programs. Take your time and try to learn something new from each of them.

Create an MP3 player

It’s time toditch the CDs and start working on your MP3 player. This Python project is to create a tool that plays audio files. The goal is to create a user interface that emulates the physical music player. When finished, you will have an MP3 player that works on your computer or laptop.

Quiz program

It’s quiz time ! Take your Python skills to the next level by creating a quiz app. Quiz apps present a series of questions to users and give them the opportunity to answer them. The quiz then provides the user’s results.

Experiment with your application. Design a quiz that answers immediately after a user gives an answer. Then create a quiz where users only receive the results after the quiz is complete. You can also put a timer on the quiz for each question.

Typing test

Creating a typing test in Python allows you to develop a unique program. It tests your typing speed, lets you create a GUI, and gives you a random phrase. It’s an advanced project, but it will teach you a lot about the design.

Python projects for beginners in data science

Python Data Science Projects
What does the data tell us?

Here is a list of free Python projects for beginners where you will surely find something that intrigues you and invites you to dig.With these you can create a visually stunning data structure project to present to classmates, friends , colleagues, or anyone else !

These datasets can be used for neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning projects: