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Python program to delete a file

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Note: We will import the os library and use the os.remove () function to remove the required file. If you don’t have the os library, open command line and write pip install os to install the required os library.

Below is the Python implementation & # 8212 ;

import os

print ( " Enter ’quit’ for exiting the program" )

filename = input ( ’Enter the name of the file, that is to be deleted:’ )

if filename = = ’quit’ : < / p>

exit ()

else :

print ( ’Starting the removal of the file!’ )

os.remove (filename)


print ( ’File,’ , filename, ’The file deletion is successfully completed !!’ )



Required file to delete: < br />

Sample Program Run

When we enter the file name to delete:



Python program to delete a file __del__: Questions

Python program to delete a file __delete__: Questions


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