Python program for splitting and concatenating strings

Splitting a line can sometimes be very useful, especially when you only need certain parts of the lines. A simple yet effective example of — it is the separation of the person`s first and last name. Another application — CSV (Comma Separated Files). We use split to fetch data from CSV and concatenate to write data to CSV.

In Python, we can use the split () function to split a string and join () to join the string. For a detailed article on the split () and join () functions, see the following sections: join () in Python .


  Split the string into list of strings  Input: Geeks for Geeks Output: [`Geeks`,` for`, `Geeks`]  Join the list of strings into a string based on delimiter (`-`)  Input: [` Geeks`, `for`,` Geeks`] Output: Geeks-for-Geeks 

Below is the Python code to split and join lines based on delimiter:

# Python program to split a line and
# join it using a different delimiter


def split_string (string):


# Split line based on space

list_string = string.split ( `` )


return list_string


def join_string (list_string):


# Join line based on the delimiter & # 39; - & # 39;

string = ` -` . join (list_string)


return string

# Driver function

if __ name__ = = `__main__` :

string = ` Geeks for Geeks`


# Line splitting

list_string split_string (string)

print (list_string)


  # Concatenate the list of strings into one

  new_string = join_string (list_string)

  print (new_string)


 [`Geeks`,` for`, `Geeks`] Geeks-for-Geeks