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Python program for guessing words

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In this article, we will use a random module to make a word guessing game. This game is for beginners who learn to program in python and give them a little information about using strings, loops and conditional (If, else) statements.

random module :
Sometimes we want the computer to pick a random number in a given range, pick a random element from a list, pick a random card from a deck, flip a coin, etc. The random module provides access to functions that support these types of operations. One such operation is random.choice () method (returns a random item from a list, tuple, or string.) That we are going to use in order to select one random word from a list of words that we’ve created.

This game has a list of present words, from which our translator will select 1 random word. The user must first enter their names, and then, they will be asked to guess any alphabet. If a random word contains this alphabet, it will be shown as output (with correct placement), otherwise the program will ask you to guess a different alphabet. The user is given 12 moves (can be changed accordingly) to guess the full word.

Below is the Python implementation:

import random

# the library we use to select
# for random words from the wordlist


name = input ( "What is your name?" )

# Here the user is asked to enter a name first


print ( "Good Luck!" , name) < / code>


words = [ ’rainbow’ , ’computer’ , ’ science’ , ’programming’

  ’python’ , ’ mathematics’ , ’ player’ , ’condition’

’reverse’ , ’water’ , ’ board’ , ’gee ks’

# The function will pick one random
# word from this wordlist

word = random.choice (words)



print ( "Guess the characters" )


guesses = ’ ’

# any number of moves can be used here

turns = 12



while turns"  0 :


# counts the number of unsuccessful user attempts

  failed = 0


# all characters from input

# word accepting one at a time.

for char in word: 


  # comparing this character to

 < / code> # guessing character

if char in guesses: 

print (char)



print ( "_" )


# for each failure 1 there will be

  # increased on failure

  failed + = 1



  if failed = = 0 :

# the user wins the game if the error is 0

# and “You won "Will be given as output

  print ( "You Win"


# type the correct word

  print ( " The word is: " , word) 



#if the user entered an incorrect alphabet, then

# he will ask the user to enter a different alphabet

guess = input ( " guess a character: " )


# every input character will be conjectured

  guesses + = guess 


# check input with a character in a word

if guess not in word:


turns - = 1


# if the character does not match the word

# then "Invalid" will be given as output < / code>

print ( "Wrong" )


# this will print the number

# rotate left for user

print ( "You have" , + turns, ’ more guesses’ )



if turns = = 0 :

  print ( "You Loose" )


 What is your name? Gautam Good Luck! Gautam Guess the characters _ _ _ _ _ guess a character: gg _ _ _ _ guess a character: egee _ _ guess a character: kgeek _ guess a character: sgeeks You Win The word is: geeks 


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