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Python | Play video using OpenCV

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Let’s see how to play video using OpenCV Python.

To capture video, we need to create a VideoCapture object . VideoCapture has a device index or video file name. Device index — it’s just a number indicating which camera. If we pass 0, that’s for the first camera , 1 for the second camera, and so on. We shoot video frame by frame. 
Syntax :

 cv2.VideoCapture (0): Means first camera or webcam. cv2.VideoCapture (1): Means second camera or webcam. cv2.VideoCapture ("file name.mp4"): Means video file 

Below is the implementation:

# import libraries

import cv2

import numpy as np

# Create VideoCapture object and read from input file

cap = cv2.VideoCapture ( ’tree.mp4’ )

# Check if the camera opened successfully

if (cap.isOpened () = = False ): 

print ( "Error opening video file" )

# Read until the video is finished

while (cap.isOpened ()):


# Frame capture

ret, frame = ()

if ret = = True :


  # Show received frame

cv2.imshow ( ’Frame’ , frame)


  # Press Q on your keyboard to exit

if cv2.waitKey ( 25 ) & amp;  0xFF = = ord ( ’q’ ):



# Break the loop



# When all done, release
# video capture object
cap.release ()

# Closes all frames
cv2.destro yAllWindows ()

Note. The video file must be in the same directory where the program is running. 
Exit :

Sample video frame:

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