Python PIL | () method

Python Methods and Functions Searches for the given frame in this sequence file. If you are looking outside the sequence, the method throws an EOFError exception. When a sequence file is open, the library automatically searches for frame 0.

Note that in the current version of the library, most sequence formats only allow searching for the next frame.

Syntax: (frame)

frame - Frame number, starting at 0.

Raises: EOFError - If the call attempts to seek beyond the end of the sequence.

Image used:

Exit :

 0 1 

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# import class images from the PIL package

from PIL import Image

# create a gif image object

img = Image. open (r "C: UsersSystem-PcDesktop ime.gif " )

img1 = img.tell ()

print (img1)

# using the seek () method

img2 = (img.tell () + 1 )

img3 = img.tell ()

print (img3) ()