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Python | os.scandir () method


os.scandir() in Python is used to get an iterator of os.DirEntry objects corresponding to entries in directory specified by the specified path. 
Entries are in no particular order and special entries & # 39;. & # 39; and ".." are not included.

Syntax: os.scandir (path = ’.’)

path: A path-like object representing the file system path. This specify the directory to be scanned. If path is not specified then current working directory is used as path.
A path-like object is a string or bytes object which represents a path.

Return Type: This method returns an iterator of os.DirEntry objects corresponding to the entries in the given directory.

Code: Using method os.scandir ()

# Python program to explain the os method .scandir ()

# import of the os module

import os


# Directory to scan

path = ’/ home / ihritik’

# Scanning directories and get
# iterator of os.DirEntry objects
# matches the entry in it
# using the os.scandir () method

obj = os.scandir ()

# List of all files and directories
# in the specified path

print ( "Files and Directories in’% s’: " % path)

for entry in obj:

  if entry.is_dir () or entry.is_file ():

print (


# entry.is_file () will check
# if the post is a file or no, and
# entry.is_dir () method will
# check if the entry is
# directory or not.


# Close the iterator and
# free purchased assets
# use the scandir.close method ()
obj.close ()

# scandir.close () method is called automatically
# when the iterator is exhausted
# or garbage, or
# when an error occurs during iteration.

Exit :

 Files and Directories in ’/ home’: Python.Engineering Videos Downloads Pictures Documents sample.txt Public Desktop Images R 

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