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Python | () method

| in Python is used to open the specified file path and set various flags according to the specified flags and its mode in accordance with the specified mode. 
This method returns the file descriptor for the newly opened file. The returned file descriptor is not inherited.

Syntax: (path, flags, mode = 0o777, *, dir_fd = None)

Path: A path-like object representing the file system path. This is the file path to be opened.
A path-like object is a string or bytes object which represents a path.
flags: This parameter specify the flags to be set for newly opened file.
mode (optional): A numeric value representing the mode of the newly opened file. The default value of this parameter is 0o777 (octal).
dir_fd (optional): A file descriptor referring to a directory.

Return Type: This method returns a file descriptor for newly opened file.

Code: using () to open the file path

# Python program to explain the os. open ()

# import of the os module

import os


# Path to file to open

path = ’. / file9.txt’ < / code>

# The mode must be set

mode = 0o666

# flags

flags = os.O_RDWR | os.O_CREAT


# Open the specified file path
# using the () method
# and get the file descriptor for
# path to the open file

fd = os. open (path, flags, mode)


print ( "File path opened successfully." )


# Write line to file
# using file descriptor

str = "GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks."

os.write (fd, str . encode ())

print ( "String written to the file descriptor. "


# Now read the file
# from the beginning

os.lseek (fd, 0 , 0 )

str = (fd, os.path.getsize (fd))

print ( "String read from the file descriptor:" )

print ( str . decode ())

# Close the file descriptor
os.close (fd )

print ( "File descriptor closed successfully. " )


 File path opened successfully. String written to the file descriptor. String read from file descriptor: GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks. File descriptor closed successfully. 

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