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Python | os.chdir () method


os.chdir() in Python is used to change the current working directory to the specified path. Only one argument is required as the new directory path.

Syntax: os.chdir (path)

path: A complete path of directory to be changed to new directory path.

Returns: Doesn’t return any value

Code # 1: Use chdir () to change directory

# Python3 program to modify
# file directory using os.chdir () method

# OS library import

import os

# change current directory
# to the specified directory 

os.chdir (r "C: UsersGfgDesktopgeeks" )


print ( "Directory changed" )

Exit :

 Directory changed 

Code # 2: Using os.getcwd ()
To find out the current working directory of a file, you can use the getcwd () method. After changing the path using this method, you can check the path to the current working directory.

# import module os

import os

# change the current working directory
# to the specified path

os.chdir ( ’c: gfg_dir’ )

# change path with getcwd ()

cwd = os.getcwd ()

# print the current directory

print ( "Current working directory is:" , cwd)


 Current working directory is: c:  gfg_dir 

Code # 3: Handling errors when changing directory

# import all required libraries

import sys, os

# home directory

cwd = os.getcwd ()

# some nonexistent directory

fd = ’false_dir / temp’ < / p>

# trying to insert into the flase directory

try :

os.chdir (fd)

  print ( " Inserting inside- " , os.getcwd ())

# Exception caching

except :

print ("Something wrong with specified

  directory. Exception - ", sys.exc_info ())

# processing from finally

finally :

print ( " Restoring the path " )

  os.chdir (cwd)

  print ( " Current directory is- " , os. getcwd ())


 Inserting inside- c: gfg_dirgfg Something wrong with specified directory. Exception- Restoring the path Current directory is- c: gfg_dirgfg 


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