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Python interface for UNIX syslog libraries


To get information about the UNIX syslog library, we need to use the syslog module in our programs. This module has syslog has various modules for the syslog library.

To use this module, we have to import it using &

 import syslog 

Methods as shown below &

sysl method og.syslog (message) or syslog.syslog (priority, message)

This method is used to send a string-type message to the system logger. Each message has priority. The priority argument can be used to set the priority of this message.

syslog.openlog ([identity [, logoption [, facility]]])

This method is used to log the parameters of subsequent system calls. magazine. The identifier parameter is a string type argument; this pretends to be every message.

syslog.closelog () method

This method is used to reset the syslog module. When a module is imported, this module enters this state.

syslog.setlogmask (maskpri) method

This method is used to set the priority mask for maskpri, it returns the previous mask value. When there is no priority, maskpri is ignored.

Sample Code

 import syslog, sys syslog.openlog (sys.argv [0 ]) syslog.syslog (syslog.LOG_NOTICE, "This is a Log Notice") syslog.openlog () 


 $ python3 posix_example. py $ sudo cat / var / log / syslog Oct 7 00:05:23 unix_user-VirtualBox anacron [14271]: Job ’cron.daily’ terminated Oct 7 00:05:23 unix_user-VirtualBox anacron [14271]: Normal exit ( 1 job run) Oct 7 00:17:01 unix_user-VirtualBox CRON [14396]: (root) CMD ( cd / run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly) Oct 7 00:22:35 unix_user-VirtualBox gnome -software [1599]: no app for changed [email protected] Oct 7 00:22:35 unix_user-VirtualBox gnome-software [1599]: no app for changed [email protected] Oct 7 00:22 : 36 unix_user-VirtualBox gnome-shell [1296]: [AppIndicatorSupport-DEBUG] Registering StatusNotifierItem: 1.59 / org / ayatana / NotificationItem / software_update_available Oct 7 00:22:37 unix_user-VirtualBox gvfsd-metadata_process_project G_UDEV_IS_DEVICE (device) ’failed Oct 7 00:22:37 unix_user-VirtualBox gvfsd-metadata [3664]: g_udev_device_has_property: assertion’ G_UDEV_IS_DEVICE (device) ’failed Oct 7 00:25:47 unix_user -11] VirtualBox store snapd [3664] go : 398: cannot refresh: snap has no updates available: "core", "gnome-3-26-1604", "gnome-calculator", "gnome-characters", "gnome-logs", "gnome-system-monitor "," gtk-common-themes "Oct 7 00:25:47 unix_user-VirtualBox snapd [5511]: autorefresh.go: 387: auto-refresh: all snaps are up-to-date Oct 7 00:27:32 unix_user -VirtualBox This is a Log Notice 


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