Python | Compare Excel files

Given the two Excel files, we want to compare the values ​​of each column row by row after sorting the values ​​and print the changed column name and row number and change the values.

  Input:  Two Excel files  Output:  Column name: `location` and Row Number: 0 Column name:` ​​location` and Row Number: 3 Column name: `date` and Row Number: 1 

Code: Python code to compare two Excel files

# Write Python3 code here
# pandas import


import pandas as pd

# Reading two Excel sheets


sheet1  = pd.read_excel (r `Book1.xlsx` )

sheet2 = pd.read_excel (r `Book2.xlsx` )

# Iterate the column names of both sheets

for i, j in zip (sheet1, sheet2):


  # Create empty lists to add column values ​​

a, b = [], []

 < / code> 

# Loop over column values ​​

for m, n in zip (sheet1 [i], sheet2 [j]):


  # Add values ​​to lists

a.append (m)

b.append (n)


# Sorting lists

a.sort ()

  b.sort ()


  # Iterate list values ​​and compare them

for m, n in zip ( range ( len (a)), range ( len (b))):

if a [m]! = b [n]:

print ( `Column name:` ​​{} `and Row Number: {}` . format (i, m))