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Python | Convert the case of items in a list of strings


Given a list of strings, write a Python program to convert the entire string from lowercase / uppercase to uppercase / lowercase.

  Input:  [’GeEk’,’ FOR’, ’gEEKS’]  Output:  [’ geeks’, ’for’,’ geeks’]  Input:  [’fun’,’ Foo’, ’BaR’]  Output:  [’FUN’,’ FOO’, ’BAR’] 

Method # 1: Converting upper and lower case using the map function

# Python code to convert the entire line
# from uppercase to lowercase .

# Using the map function

out = map ( lambda x: x.lower (), [ ’GeEk’ , ’ FOR’ , ’gEEKS’ ])

# Convert it to a list

output = list (out)

# print output

print (output)


 [’geek’,’ for’, ’geeks’] 

Method # 2: Converting lowercase to uppercase using a list comprehension

# Python code for converting sun her lines
# from uppercase to lowercase.

# Initialization

input = [ ’fun’ , ’ Foo ’ , ’ BaR’ ]

# Conversion

lst = [x.upper () for x in input ]

# printout

print (lst) 


 [’FUN ’,’ FOO’, ’BAR’] 

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