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Python | Arrange files in directories according to extensions

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Below is the Python implementation —

import os  # Using system functions


import shutil # Move the file to different folders.

# Change the folder location.
os.chdir (os.getcwd ())

cwd = os.getcwd ()

# To print files from a folder.


l = [f for f in os.listdir (cwd) if os.path.isfile (f)] 

l2 = []

# Get file extension from l list.


for   value in l:

  s = value.split ( ’.’ ) [ 1

  l2.append (s)

print (l, l2)

# Remove duplicate values ​​from
# list l2 and check if the directory is
# exists otherwise we create a new one


for extension in set (l2):

  dirname = extension 

if os.path.exists (cwd + ’’ + extension):


else :

os.makedirs (dirname)

# We use the zip function and enumerate l and
# l2 passed as an argument.
# If the extension in the file is the same
# file does not exist, we are moving the file.


for files, extension in zip (l, l2):

if extension in file s:

if os.path .exists (cwd + ’’ + extension + ’ + files):


else :

  shutil.move (cwd + ’ ’+ files, cwd +’ + extension)

print (extension, files)

else :

  print ( ’ error’ )

Files not located:

Files are located:


 [’arrange .py’, ’mydata.pdf’,’ python.exe’, ’resume.doc’] [’ py’, ’pdf’,’ exe’, ’doc’] py pdf mydata.pdf exe python. exe doc resume.doc 

Python | Arrange files in directories according to extensions _files: Questions

Python | Arrange files in directories according to extensions File handling: Questions


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