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PHP Unique traits

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of PHP:
  • Simple, familiar and easy to use:is widely known for its simplicity, familiarity, and ease of learning, as the syntax is similar to that of C or Pascal. 
    Thus, the language is a very logical and well-organized general-purpose programming language. Even people with normal programming experience can easily understand and grasp the use of the language. PHP is very beneficial for new users as it is very reliable, free, organized, clean, in demand and efficient. The main advantage of PHP is its rich predefined functions. Core distribution helps developers easily implement dynamic websites with secure data. PHP applications are very easy to optimize.
  • Loosely typed language:PHP encourages the use of variables without declaring their data types. So this is done at runtime depending on the value assigned to the variable. Even the variable name can be changed dynamically.
  • Flexibility:PHP is known for its flexibility and built-in nature as it can integrate well with HTML , XML , Javascriptand many others. PHP can run on multiple operating systems such as Windows , Unix , MacOS , Linux and t . The PHP scripts can easily run on any device like laptop, mobile phone, tablet and computer. It is very conveniently integrated with various databases. Desktop applications are built using advanced PHP features. Executable PHP can also be run from the command line or directly on the computer. Heavy applications can be built without a server or browser. 
    It also acts as a great interface with relational databases.
  • Open Source:All PHP frameworks are open source, no user fees are required, and it absolutely free. The user can simply download PHP and start using it for their applications or projects. Even in companies, the total cost of software development is reduced, providing more robustness and flexibility. It supports popular databases such as MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and PostgreSQL. 
    PHP provides libraries to access these databases to interact with web servers. Developers can post bug reports, review codes, and contribute to bug fixes. Many frameworks like Codeignitor, Zend Framework, CakePHP use PHP.Even many popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal use PHP as their main language. 
    For the above reasons, many web hosting companies and ISPs prefer PHP.
  • Cross-platform compatibility:PHP is multi-platform and known for its portability as it can run on any operating system and Windows environment. The most common are XAMPP (Windows , Apache Server , MySQL , Perland PHP) and LAMP (Linux , Apache , MySQL , PHP ). Since PHP is platform independent, it is very easy to integrate with various databases and other technologies without re-implementation. This effectively saves a lot of energy, time and money.
  • Error Messages and Exceptions:PHP supports many error reporting constants to generate errors and related warnings at runtime. For example, E_ERROR,E_WARNING,E_PARSE,E_STRICT
    PHP5 supports exception handling, which is used to throw errors that can be detected at any time.
  • Active community support:PHP is very rich in many online community developers, which help newbies to develop web applications. These volunteers around the world are providing many features as well as new versions for the PHP libraries. Even they offer translation into different languages ​​to help programmers. There is a package of open source third party libraries that provide basic functionality. Even the documentation provided by the official site helps in implementing new features that provide access to various creative fantasies.
  • Fast and efficient work:Users usually prefer fast loading sites. 
    For any web development, speed becomes an important aspect that PHP takes care of. PHP scripts are faster than other scripting languages ​​such as ASP.NET , PERLand JSP . The memory manager in PHP 7 is highly optimized and fast compared to older PHP versions. Even connecting to a database and loading the required data from tables is faster than other programming languages. It provides a built-in module for a simple and efficient database management system. PHP’s high speed is beneficial to users for server administration and mail functionality. In addition, it supports session management and removal of unwanted memory allocations.
  • Maintain:When working with large projects, code maintainance is also an important aspect of the web development process. There are many PHP frameworks, such as MVC (Model View Controller), that make it easier to develop and maintain your code. Files belonging to another module are stored separately.
  • Support and security for third-party applications:Many predefined PHP functions support data encryption options, which makes it more secure. Even users can use third-party data protection applications.
  • Real-time access monitoring:PHP also provides a summary of recent user accesses to the log.
  • Memory and CPU usage information:PHP can provide memory usage information from functions such as memory_get_usage()or memory_get_peak_usage()that can help developers optimize their code. Likewise, the CPU power consumed by any script can be extracted for further optimization.
  • Object Oriented Functions:PHP supports Object Oriented Programming features, resulting in increased speed and implementation additional features such as data encapsulation and inheritance at many levels.
  • Magic constants:PHP provides many built-in magic methods starting with __ (double underscore), which are called during certain events. For example directory path (__DIR__), class name (__CLASS__), namespace (__NAMESPACE__), function name (__FUNCTION__), method name (__METHOD__), line number (__LINE__), file path (__FILE__).
  • Regular expression:PHP provides functions regular expression with parsing and pattern matching.
  • PDO Class:PHP data objects are created by the PDO class, which provides a good level of abstraction for database drivers. The PDO classes are enriched with features that are database agnostic. This means the same functionality is used to perform similar actions for different databases without re-development if it supports PDO. Thus, the application becomes more portable, saving a lot of time and effort. Using PDO helps the application against SQL injection attacks.
Additional features:
The list of possibilities is endless. Other PHP features are image manipulation using the GD library, making remote connections using cURL, file system handling, user session management, session tracking, using the SimpleXML class that reads and writes XML through objects, support for cookies and sessions, wrapper execution from the command line, compress ZIP archives, use Ajax.


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