PHP IntlChar getPropertyEnum () function


int IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ($alias)
Parameters: This function accepts a aliasone parameter whose property name must match. Comparisons for the name are made using "free match". This is all described in PropertyAliases.txt.Returned Values:If this is a constant value, it will return an IntlChar::PROPERTY_ value. Otherwise, if the name given there does not match any property at all, then IntlChar::PROPERTY_INVALID_CODE will be returned.The program below illustrates the IntlChar::getPropertyEnum() functionin PHP:Program :  
// PHP program for using IntlChar::getPropertyEnum()
// function 
// This function uses constants IntlChar::PROPERTY_ * var_dump (IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ( 'Bidi_Class' ) === IntlChar ::PROPERTY_NUMERI C_VALUE); var_dump (IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ( 'script' ) === IntlChar ::PROPERTY_SCRIPT); var_dump (IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ( 'IDEOGRAPHIC' ) === IntlChar ::BLOCK_CODE_MISCELLANEOUS_SYMBOLS_AND_ARROWS); var_dump (IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ( 'Some made-up string' ) === IntlChar::PROPERTY_INVALID_CODE); var_dump (IntlChar::getPropertyEnum ( 'script' ) === IntlChar ::PROPERTY_NUMERIC_TYPE);  
bool (false ) bool (true) bool (false) bool (true) bool (false)

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