PHP Imagick pingImageBlob () function


bool Imagick::pingImageBlob ($image)
Parameters: This function takes one parameter $image,which is a string containing the image stream. Return Value: This function returns True on success. The following program illustrates the Imagick::pingImageBlob() function in PHP: Program: This program will display the height and width of the image without actually loading it onto the screen.  
// Read the file as a string $image = file_get_contents ( ' ' );  
// Create a new Imagick object $imagick = new Imagick();  
// Using the Imagick::pingImageBlob() function $imagick -> pingImageBlob ( $image );  
// Get image details echo "Width of image:" . $imagick -> getImageWidth(). "< br >" . "Height of image:" ... $imagick -> getImageHeight();  
Width of image: 600 Height of image: 135

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