PHP Imagick function matteFloodfillImage ()


bool Imagick::matteFloodfillImage (float $alpha, float  $fuzz, mixed $bordercolor, int $x, int $y)
Parameters: This function takes five parameters as above and described below:
  • $alpha:this parameter contains the transparency level, 1 is fully opaque and 0 is fully transparent .
  • $alpha:this parameter has an acceptable tolerance for treating two colors as the same.
  • $bordercolor:this parameter contains an ImagickPixel object or string representing the border color.
  • $x:this parameter contains the start x coordinate of the operation.
  • $y: this parameter contains the start y coordinate of the operation.
Returned value:this function returns TRUE on success.Errors / exceptions:this function is ge does not throw a exceptionImagickException on error.The following program illustrates the Imagick::matteFloodfillImage() function in PHP:Program:  
// Create a new Imagick object $imagick = new Imagick ( ' /engineerforengineer24.png ' );  
// Using the matteFloodfillImage() function $imagick -> matteFloodfillImage (0.5, 0, 'red' , 0, 0); header ( " Content-Type: image / jpg " );  
// Display the output image echo $imagick -> getImageBlob(); ?>
Output: Link:

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