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PHP Header () function

void header ($header, $replace = TRUE, $http_response_code) 
Parameters:this the function takes three parameters as above and described below:
  • $header:this parameter contains the header line. There are two types of header calls. The first header begins with the string "HTTP /", which is used to define the HTTP status code to send. The second case of the header - "Location:". This is a required parameter.
  • $replace:this is an optional parameter. It means that the heading should replace the previous one or add a second heading. The default is True (override). If $replace is False then it forces multiple headers of the same type.
  • $http_response_code:This is an optional parameter. This forces the HTTP response code to the specified value (PHP 4.3 and up).
Return Values:This function does not return any value.Example 1:
// PHP program for describing the header function 
// Redirect browser header ( "Location: " );  
// the code below does not run // when redirecting exit ;  
This will change location of header, ie redirect to the URL 
Example 2:
// PHP program to describe the header function 
// Set past date header ( "Expires: Sun, 25 Jul 1997 06:02:34 GMT" ); header ( "Cache-Control: no-cache" ); header ( "Pragma: no-cache" ); ?>  

Hello World! < / p> header list -> print_r (headers_list()); ?> < / html > Output:

Hello World! Array ([0] = > X-Powered-By: PHP / 7.0.33 [1] = > Expires: Sun, 25 Jul 1997 06:02:34 GMT [2] = > Cache-Control: no- cache [3] = > Pragma: no-cache) 
The above example helps prevent caching by sending header information that overrides browser settings so that it won’t be cached.Note:The header() functions in this example are used multiple times because one header is allowed to be sent at a time (since PHP 4.4) to prevent header attacks.Scope :
  • Change page location
  • Set time zone
  • Set cache control
  • Start push download
  • Send HTTP Status


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