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PHP Ftp_ssl_connect () function

ftp_ssl_connect ($host, $port, $timeout); 
Parameters:this function takes three parameters as above and described below:
  • $host: Required. Specifies the address of the FTP server. This can be a domain address or an IP address. This parameter must not start with the "ftp: //" prefix or must not have a forward slash.
  • $port: This parameter is optional. Specifies the port for connection. If no port is specified, then the default port is used, i.e. 21.
  • $timeout: This is also an optional parameter. Specifies the time-out for network operations. Unless otherwise specified, a default value of 90 seconds is passed.
Returned Value:Returns an SSL-FTP stream on success, or false on error.Notes :
  • This function is available in PHP 4.0.0 and above.
  • The following examples cannot be run in the online IDE. So try running PHP on some hosting server or localhost with the correct ftp server name.
  • This function is only available if both the ftp module and OpenSSL support are statically built into PHP.
The following programs illustrate the ftp_ssl_connect() function in PHP:Example 1:  
// Use the ftp_ssl_connect function() for
// Check your connection $conn = ftp_ssl_connect ( "" ) or die ( "C ould not connect " ); echo " Connection established successfully " ;  
Connection established successfully 
Example 2:This example uses the ftp_ssl_connect() function to log in using an SSL-FTP connection  
/ / Setting up a basic SSL connection 
// IP address of the user which you are
// want to connect to $ftp_server = "" ;  
// Log in to the established FTP connection. $ftp_conn = ftp_ssl_connect ( $ftp_server ) or die ( " Could not connect to $ftp_server " ) ;  
// Use your username $ftp_username = "your_username" ;  
// Use your password $ftp_userpass = "your_password" ; $login = ftp_login ( $ftp_conn , $ftp_username , $ftp_userpass ); if ( $login ) { echo "Successfully logged in with" . $ftp_server ; } else { echo " Log in failed " ; }  
// Close SSL connection ftp_close ( $ftp_conn );  
Successfully logged in with 


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