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PHP Filter_id () function

int filter_id ($filtername)
Parameters:This function takes one parameter, $filtername, which is required. Contains the name of the filter.Return value:Returns the filter ID on success or False if the filter does not exist.Note. This feature is available for PHP 5.2.0 and above.Example 1:
// PHP program for getting filter ID 
// Use the filter_id function to return
// filter ID echo (filter_id ( "validate_email" ));  
Explanation:validate_email - this is the name of the filter here. Flter_id ("validate_email") returns 274 as the filter ID of validate_email.Example 2:This example shows all the available filter names and their corresponding filter IDs provided in the filter_list ( ).
// PHP program for displaying the filter
// list with ID foreach (filter_list() as $id = > $filter ) { echo ’ ’ . $filter . ’< / td > ’ . filter_id ( $filter ). ’< / td > ’ ; }  
Exit: int257boolean258 float 259validate_regexp272 validate_domain 277validate_url273validate_email 274 validate_ip275validate_mac 276 string513stripped513 encoded514special_chars515 full_special_chars 522 unsafe_raw 516 email 517 url 518 number_int 519 number_float 520 magic_quotes 521 callback 1024 Explanation:The filter_list() function returns a list of fil names trov. Using the filter_id() function, the ID of the filter name is retrieved and displayed as a component of the HTML table (for better presentation only).Links:


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