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PHP filter_has_var () function

bool filter_has_var ($type, $variable_name)
Parameters: This function takes two parameters as above and described below:
  • type:This is a required parameter used to specify the type of input to validate. Possible input types: INPUT_GET, INPUT_POST, INPUT_COOKIE, INPUT_SERVER, INPUT_ENV.
  • variable_name:is a required parameter used to specify the name of the variable to be checked.
Return value:returns True on success or False on failure.Note.This function is available for PHP 5.2.0 and later.Example 1:In this example, the input variable "name" is sent to a PHP page.
// PHP illustration program
// filter_has_var ( ) if (! filter_has_var (INPUT_GET, " name " )) { echo ( "Input type does not exist" ); } else { echo ( "Input type exists" ); }  
Output: inthis example may not show "Input type exists" as output in the online IDE, as there is no option to send a parameter with a code. So run it somewhere on your server or localhost. If the input type of the name is defined and sent through the GET method, then so! Filter_has_var (INPUT_GET, "name") returns false and prints as "Input type exists". Example 2: < ? php if (! filter_has_var (INPUT_GET, " email " )) { echo ( " Email not found " ); } else { echo ( "Email found" ); }
Output: inthis example the expected results will not appear in the online IDE as they do not allow PHP code to run with GET parameters. So, run it on another hosting server or localhost. Since the email input type is defined and sent by the GET method, then! Filter_has_var (INPUT_GET, "email") returns false and prints the output as "Email found". Links:


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