PHP Array_diff_ukey () function


 array_diff_ukey ($array1, $array2, $array3 ..., arr_diffukeyFunction)
< b> Parameters Used :
This function takes at least three parameters and all three parameters are required and the other - optional. The parameters are described below:
  • $array1 (required):
    The array will be compared to other arrays (so that the array is compared to array1).
  • $array2 (required):Array versus first array.
  • $array3 (optional): Array versus first array.
  • arr_diffukeyFunction (required):A custom function is required. A string that identifies the comparison function to call. 
    The comparison function returns an integer other than 0 if the first argument is the second argument.
  • Return value :
    Returns an array containing entries from array1 that are not found in other arrays such as

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