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Operating Systems: Principles and Practice


Operating Systems: Principles and Practice Thomas Anderson, Michael Dahlin

Whether you land a job at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or any other cutting-edge technology company, it’s impossible to build resilient, secure, and flexible computer systems without the ability to apply operating system concepts in a variety of settings.

Operating systems: principles and practice 2nd edition PDF

Over the past two decades, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation in both the principles and practice of operating systems.In the same period, the fundamental ideas in a modern operating system - protection, concurrency, virtualization, resource allocation, and reliable storage - they have been widely applied throughout computer science. 

This book examines both the principles and the practice of modern operating systems, bringing important, high-level concepts down to the level of working code. Because operating system concepts are some of the most difficult in computing, this top-down approach is the only way to truly understand and master this important material.

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