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New Zealand Streamer Spent Nearly $17,000 to Get a 5-Star Gem in Diablo Immortal

In early June, users calculated that the maximum character upgrade in the mobile game Diablo Immortal would cost $110,000, which is more than 6.6 million rubles at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank. And so a streamer named Quintin Crawford under the nickname "Quin69" set out to knock out his first five-star gem in Diablo Immortal.

Quintin launched his experiment after the game's release to demonstrate the monetization of Diablo Immortal. He wondered how much money he could spend to get a five-star gem. The chance of getting such a gem is about 0.045%.

I would like to make a reservation - the result may be different, depending on the player. And so Crawford spent almost 25,000 New Zealand dollars (about $17,000). After receiving the gem, the streamer deleted the game.

The game now has a Metacritic rating of 0.3 out of 10 for the PC version and 0.4 out of 10 for the iOS version. Most likely, the low rating is due to the aggressive monetization in the game. In Diablo Immortal, monetization is extremely complex and confusing, and a separate specialist is needed to understand it. Although for such free-to-play games this is not new. In addition, enthusiasts made a donation simulator in Diablo Immortal, where you can see how much you need to donate to get certain stones, including five-star ones ($25 step).

However, the shareware Diablo Immortal has over $24 million in revenue in the first half of June (since the game's release). This amount only affects mobile devices with iOS and Android, because such data is presented by the Appmagic analytics tool.

Blizzard Entertainment estimated that the game received 10 million downloads in its first week of release, including the PC version. Most of all profit was brought by users from the USA — 43%, in the second place South Korea — 23%, 34% of revenue fall to the rest of the world.

Michael Zippo
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Sources: Python.Engineering

New Zealand Streamer Spent Nearly $17,000 to Get a 5-Star Gem in Diablo Immortal News: Questions


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