Mobile Game creative trends

Statistics show that puzzle games are one of the biggest winners of 2020. For example, at SocialPeta, the world’s leading advertising analytics platform, we were able to create 12 million creations over the course of the year. year. 25% of them were puzzle game creators. After that came the creations of role-playing games like word trip answers, then arcade games.

Production of advertising creations, by category of application in 2020
Additionally, while strategy games had the 4th highest number of creatives on the platform, advertisers in this segment have the highest purchasing power. The average strategy game advertiser delivers 359 advertising media in one year.

Cost intelligence
The mobile gaming industry presented many business opportunities in 2020. This was most evident in CPM, which increased 166.27% between January and December of the year.
This indicates one thing: mobile game marketers have sensed these opportunities and strived to take advantage of them. The growth of the mobile games market has led to an increase in advertising investment as marketers try to attract more customers; hence the sharp increase.