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Minecraft Stickers


Minecraft Stickers

Colorful fun and reward stickers with Minecraft! Stickerblock has over 295 stickers and 4 pages. Great for party favors, reward tables, motivation, and more. Just the right size for reward cards. Perfect for every Minecraft game fan!

  • Colorful fun and reward stickers with Minecraft.
  • Stickerblock has over 295 stickers and 4 pages.
  • Excellent party favors, reward tables, motivation, and more. Just the right size for reward cards.
  • Perfect for every Minecraft game fan.

Minecraft Stickers

There are two sides of stickers about the size of a quarter. And two pages of stickers about a quarter of an inch each. The big ones are approx 1 "h x 1" w. and the little ones are 1/2 ".

Minecraft Stickers Reviews

Minecraft Stickers Review #1

I'm a teacher so bribe students with stickers to encourage them to read. This is a great way to help children read. I also use the Fortnite and NBA stickers as a temptation.

Minecraft Stickers Review #2

So I was expecting a sticker book. I have 4 sides. On the other hand, 6.95 is a bit expensive. But high quality stickers. Ideal for filling stockings. I wish I paid € 3.95

Minecraft Stickers Review #3

You are getting really bang for your buck. When you have a lot to choose from. Very varied and perfect for all types of applications.

Minecraft Stickers Review #4

It served its purpose (decorating the frame of my son's table). A little disappointed that there were 2 pages of each set and not 4 pages with different stickers on each one. But it's still nice.

Minecraft Stickers Review #5

I bought this as a gift for a great week of school for my 7 year old at school and he loved the stickers, he appreciated the double sheet of material because he likes to build things in Minecraft and with that he can build something in his notebooks. The quality is acceptable and I got exactly 4 pages of the stickers I saw in the product picture so I don't regret it.

Minecraft Stickers Review #6

Thanks to other reviews, I had already set my expectations that there would only be 2 different pages in terms of diversity (4 pages in total, as there is a copy of each page type).

I wanted to put them in Legos so that kids could have more fun playing Minecraft and building away from screens. The squares are just the right size for the 2x2 Lego bricks!

Minecraft Stickers Review #7

They look like decals that you could have bought in the dollar store so I think they are a little expensive but I wasn't sure what to get and since there aren't really any other minecraft decals I think that these are the most expensive will do it i am adding pictures so you can see what you are getting. 2 pages of each picture below. And two two-inch square stickers that say good job and nothing to do with Minecraft. I was hoping to wear them to the party, but I think I could go back now and still make up my mind.

Minecraft Stickers Review #8

I buy a lot of stickers. This is one of the most disappointing packages I've ever received. There just isn't much. The things they recorded don't really make sense. There are eight different flowers and twelve different foods, but Steve and Alex are nowhere to be seen. There is no armor, the tools are all made of wood and there is no TNT. Mafia selection is spotty The things you would expect just aren't there. There is a lot of white space that could have been used for more interesting elements if the included stickers were better organized. I use them as student rewards. To say to a child, "Well done! Here's a carrot!" it's pretty anti-climactic.

Minecraft Stickers Review #9

They are Minecraft stickers and they "stick" but they are disappointing because they are too expensive for what you get. So many repetitions of the same things. Four sides with two of a kind. You will receive 2 with the same small stickers and two with the same larger stickers (Not Big! Just Bigger).

Minecraft Stickers Review #10

Think of less exciting Minecraft stickers, then imagine giving them to 6-7 year olds as a party favors. Instead of a birthday cake, you could make a pumpkin plate and complete it with a nap kit.

No stickers of protagonists (Steve and Alex), no stickers of iconic items like TNT, diamond weapons / tools / armor, no big bosses; and an extremely limited selection of "mobs" and elemental / natural blocks.

Minecraft Stickers Review #11

I'm sure this is a $ 1 find at the local dollar store so paying $ 6 is just salt on the sore. Unless you want a nondescript collection of everyday pixelated stickers, I would avoid this set.

Minecraft Stickers Review #12

I bought this as a gift for my son. He enjoyed using them and making his own Minecraft builds out of plain paper for quite a while. A great screen alternative for Minecraft lovers.

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